Dell PowerEdge VRTX through the eyes of the customer

Ed. note: this post was authored by Charlie Rice, Information Systems Analyst, Trico Corporation

For more than 90 years, Trico Corporation has provided our customers lubrication management solutions focusing on industrial equipment performance and reliability. We’ve done this by combining high-performance, globally-recognized lubrication products, with our proactive lubrication management training, in-plant services, and oil analysis services. When it came to updating our data center with new server technology we looked to match our customer promise of performance and reliability while saving space, time and money.

To replace our pre-existing, outdated servers, we looked into several solutions before settling on the Dell PowerEdge VRTX. We selected the two-node model with two PowerEdge M620 blades and 13 hard drives totaling almost 12 terabytes of storage. VRTX brings tremendous value to our business, and has significantly simplified our infrastructure.

We’ve removed armfuls of tangled cables and cords, and eliminated racks of servers and storage while still improving performance. The VRTX radiates less heat and is far quieter than other solutions. Basically, our solution is so cool, quiet, and simple, sometimes we forget it’s even there.

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Sarah Vela

About the Author: Sarah Vela

Sarah Vela is no longer with Dell Technologies.