Giving More Customers Access to Workstation-Class Performance

The Dell Precision M2800 Mobile Workstation is Available to Help Inspire Innovation for Design Professionals and Students

Two men working at a laptop with a large monitor beside them

The evolution of digital content creation has unleashed the productivity of engineers, designers, creative professionals and students everywhere, but it has also set corresponding expectations incredibly high for that productivity as well, making it crucial for those individuals to use the proper tools to help their visions to come to life. Professional and aspiring engineers and designers cannot do their job these days without specialized applications for 3D modeling, digital content creation, and computer aided engineering and design such as Adobe Creative Cloud and AutoCAD. The problem is, for some, they’re being forced to run these applications on notebooks or desktops that don’t have enough power to generate the performance they need because they can’t afford a traditional workstation.

If small businesses or individuals can’t afford the tools larger organizations normally can to run the demanding applications they need to do their job, these same students and design professionals are often forced to work around the clock complete these projects within their stated deadlines and stay competitive. Making these kinds of compromises not only has the potential to negatively affect the quality of work these customers are able to produce, but it can also negatively and unnecessarily affect their quality of life as well.  Enabling organizations with the right tool can help them complete their project within their stated deadlines and stay competitive.

Since its inception nearly 30 years ago, Dell has been committed to providing more people greater access to technology. The Dell Precision M2800 is our answer to this mission, democratizing access to professional-quality creation and enabling customers who need the capabilities of a workstation at an affordable solution that their budgets can accommodate. Now our budget-minded customers who need an ISV-certified system and professional-grade graphics can maximize their creative capabilities wherever they are and help them to bridge the gap between commercial laptops and mobile workstations without unnecessary cost barriers standing in their way.

The 15.6” mobile workstation is ISV-certified for leading applications such as Autodesk AutoCAD, Inventor, and Revit ,Solidworks and PTC Creo, among many others. The M2800 has a choice of fourth-generation Intel Core i5 or i7 processors to have the battery and power to compliment handling massive amounts of data and an AMD FirePro W4170M graphics card to do the rendering to keep up with requirements on the go.

Providing the peace of mind that you can bring your vision to a reality wherever you go with the reliability and dependability of Dell workstations, the M2800 features the Dell Precision Performance Optimizer (DPPO) which automatically adjusts system settings for optimizing specific applications. With DPPO, customers have the intelligence of automatic systems tuning maximizing performance on key, select applications. For the customers we designed the M2800 to serve, this is a particularly evolutionary feature as, in many cases, these customers used notebooks that didn’t allow them even the cursory level performance they needed for the applications they require. The M2800 not only gives them that performance, but with DPPO, it also optimizes its settings so in most cases, they’ll be saving tremendous amounts of time and able to increase the rate they’re able to complete complex projects.

Starting today, the Dell Precision M2800 workstation is available starting at $1,199.

About the Author: Andy Rhodes