Dell Precision Powers Video Editing and Production Workflows at NAB 2014

Steve McPherson talking about why Framestore chose Dell solutionsFrom Framestore’s work on Gravity to Reel FX’s Free Birds to Tippett Studios visual effects work in Cosmos, Dell Precision workstation power is behind the work of top animators, VFX specialists and film editors. Dell offers customers the ability to work at the speed of their creativity, offering the performance, reliability and support they need.

We work closely with the leading media and entertainment software providers including Adobe, GrassValley, Sony, and Autodesk, among others, to design, certify and optimize professional software applications to run on Dell Precision workstations, ensuring maximum uptime and productivity.

We’re excited to show our portfolio this week during this the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) Show, the largest international digital event for audio, video, film, broadcast and communications.

At NAB, Adobe presented significant updates to Adobe Creative Cloud and is demonstrating its new software on Dell Precision workstations in booth #SL3910. Learn more about Adobe at NAB here. Through our collaboration with Adobe, we’re able to deliver the powerful, optimized hardware and software applications that allow video professionals to work efficiently and stay competitive while working with Ultra HD resolutions, high frame rates and RAW footage. Dell Precision workstations and Adobe Creative Cloud operate seamlessly together to deliver real-time performance for editing, play back, and rendering complex sequences with high-quality content supplying superior performance. Many video production, film and other creatives including Fit to Tweet, The Daytripper, and Framestore have experienced these performance advantages and have made the switch from Apple hardware and software to Dell Precision running Adobe Create Cloud.

To further maximize performance, we’ve designed a new Dell Performance Optimizer (DPPO)  application profile for the new version of Adobe Creative Cloud. DPPO is the industry’s first software to automatically configure Dell Precision workstation settings for select software applications, and the Adobe profile as well as others are available today and can be downloaded via Additionally, Dell and Adobe enable simple and convenient purchasing of hardware and software through discounted offerings that are delivered digitally via Dell Digital Delivery and Adobe.

We work closely with our software partners to optimize our workstations for their applications, and our entire portfolio features GPUs from AMD and NVIDIA that are certified for running the latest versions of Adobe Creative Cloud. Our early testing and close collaboration allows us to better understand our customers’ workflows and needs and improve our tools that enable creatives to continue pushing the boundaries with their work. And with Adobe Creative Cloud soon to offer support for a wider range of GPUs, including RED GPU debayering, more editors are getting real-time performance when working on complex sequences on their Dell Precision workstations that offer both Open CL and CUDA support.

“We’ve been working with Dell to test and optimize RED camera workflows on their high-end Dell Precision workstations – playback of files, color grading, GPU acceleration and more,” said Jarred Land, President, RED. “Through our relationship with Dell, RED camera users can have the confidence that Dell Precision workstations are not only compatible with REDCINE-X PRO software, Adobe Creative Cloud, and NVIDIA GPUS, but they were designed to work together," adds Brent Carter, COO, RED.

Visit RED booth #SL1519 at NAB to see the REDCINE-X Pro workflows running on Dell Precision M3800 and T7610 workstations and Dell UltraSharp HD Monitors . A recent video of L.A. filmmakers A.J. Carter and Gabe Bienczycki, who leverage Dell Precision, RED Cameras and Adobe Creative Cloud to turn artistic vision into works that entertain, inspire and educate, was also shot on RED Cameras. Check out their story at

We are also partnering with Intel® this week to showcase our solutions for film editing and content creation in the StudioXperience booth #SU621. We are pleased to introduce and demonstrate the first mobile workstations with the first 4.0Ghz Core i7 mobile processor, 4th generation Intel® Core i7-4940MX processor Extreme Edition, that turbos up to 4Ghz, at the show. The Dell Precision M4800 and M6800 mobile workstation with 4.0Ghz Core i7 mobile processor will help film and video professionals accelerate and power through the most demanding video editing and post-production tasks and deliver world-class visuals on schedule. Additionally, we will be demonstrating smart features like Intel® Turbo Boost Technology 2.0 and Intel® Hyper-Threading Technology 2 activate on Dell workstations to show how they provide additional performance for creative professionals whenever and wherever they need it.  The Dell Precision M4800 and M6800 with the Intel® Core™ i7-4940MX processor Extreme Edition will be available in the coming months.

Within StudioXperience Live booth at NAB, there will be daily presentations about video, film, broadcast and other topics, which will be livestreamed out to Waskul.TV. The site will be powered by the Dell VRTX platform, protected by SonicWALL, and Dell Precision Workstations and Dell UltraSharp displays will be used in the StudioXperience production pipeline for editing all of the NAB Show content, and for the creation of content for their next event – SIGGRAPH 2014. Stop by the booth to see Dell Precision T7610, M3800, and M6800 workstations running Adobe Creative Cloud and Autodesk Entertainment Creation Suite, including demos of Ultra HD real-time processing and  motion video.


Dell will be presenting from StudioXperience Live at the following times so hope you can join us in person or online via Waskul.TV.

  • Tuesday, April 7 at 11:40 a.m. PST: Sparksight, a growing advertising agency focused on video production, event management and interactive design, will share how their recent move from an Apple environment to a workflow using Dell Precision workstation saw render times cut in half across the board, and in some cases up to three to four times faster, allowing them to double both their pipeline and profits. They’ll also be talking to their recent experimentation and work with Ultra HD footage and workflows using Dell Precision workstations and displays.
  • Tuesday, April 7 at 4:00 p.m. PST: Academy Award-winning VFX studio Tippett Studio will discuss the creation of eye-popping visual effects for FOX’s brand new documentary series Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey, and the technology solutions that powered their production workflow.


In addition to the areas already mentioned, you can find our media and entertainment solutions this week in a number of booths across the show floor, including:

  • Dell Storage (#SL16014): Dell storage will be providing a deep dive on scale out file storage solutions with a focus on how they address the ever growing performance and capacity needs of the media and entertainment workflows. In addition, the team will provide demonstration of how AxleVideo’s Media Asset Management solution leverages Dell’s scale out storage as the central storage.
  • AMD (#SL10405): Dell Precision T7610 and T5610 workstations will be demonstrating workflows including Adobe Creative Cloud with a focus on Premiere Pro and Ultra HD real-time processing, The Foundry Mari with a focus on OpenCL acceleration with 3D texture painting, as well as running applications from Sony, AJA SDI and Ventuz.
  • NVIDIA (#SL6825): Dell Precision T7610 tower workstations and Dell UltraSharp Ultra HD Monitors will be showing VRay RT+3ds Max and demonstrating Adobe Creative Cloud GPU accelerated features, as well as a Dell R720 data center remote demonstration using the Dell Precision M3800 as a thin client showing Adobe Creative Cloud.

About the Author: Andy Rhodes