Dell Precision T5500 Workstation Wins InfoWorld 2011 Technology of the Year award

 Today InfoWorld published their 2011 Technology of the Year awards recognizing the best hardware and software of the year and the InfoWorld Test Center has picked the Dell Precision T5500 as Best Workstation.

“Of all the products InfoWorld tested in the past year, these are the products that impressed InfoWorld  the most. InfoWorld’s Technology of the Year award winners are not just the best products in their class, but the ones that are changing the way IT services are delivered and the way people work,” said Doug Dineley, Executive Editor/Test Center, InfoWorld.

Dell Precision workstations have been one of the world’s leading workstation brands for the last nine years and continue to deliver value to our customers by combining relevant new technologies and focusing on the core values of the product family which are:

  • Performance – Providing relevant technologies designed to drive customer applications as fast as possible. How do we do this? We focus on optimizing key system areas like CPU, graphics and I/O – for example using SSD drives and RAID configurations.
  • Application focus – Working closely with the key software partners to ensure reliability and performance through certification and excellent support. It is important for our customers to know that not only can they count on Dell to help them resolve hardware issues but also that Dell will work in conjunction with their application partners  (ISVs) to solve any outstanding issues.
  • Scalability – Designing systems that can scale with our customer’s application needs and their company’s needs.
  • Managed for business – Building our solutions around industry standards and helping simplify our customer’s IT.
  • Optimized solutions – Recognizing the wide range of application areas for workstations and offering the flexibility in our systems to help optimize them to suit our customers’ requirements.

The Dell Precision T5500 workstation uses a pair of 6-core Westmere processors running at 3.3GHz and was praised for consuming less power than last year’s 8-core model. High-end graphics and exceptional memory capacity also work together in a flexible and innovative compact chassis. Dell targets compatibility and optimized performance in demanding work environments such as Computer Aided Design (CAD), engineering, and architecture, making the Dell Precision range a perfect platform for demanding workstation users.

Congrats to all the winners! You can view the full list of those recognized here.

About the Author: Don Maynard