Dell Precision top pick among photographers at Photoshop World

Last month, Dell Precision was a platinum sponsor and exhibitor at Photoshop World West in Las Vegas. Dell’s mission was to help educate photo and video enthusiasts and pros on the “right tool for the job” when using Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Premiere centered workflows.  We highlighted the latest Dell Precision workstation technology and recommended optimized solutions that included 64-bit, large memory capacity, quad-core processors, professional graphics cards, and other important product features optimized for performance in Adobe CS5.

We were also excited to partner with Kelby Media to bring back the popular “Photoshop Wars” in the Dell booth where instructors and NAPP staples like Rafael Concepcion (RC) and Dave Cross went a few rounds in timed Photoshop editing contests to the delight of the huge crowds.  Project content was spontaneously chosen by Photoshop World attendees and a lucky few got to come up afterward and go head to head, each with a different pro at their side.  Everyone was cheering for their favorites, and the pros were bringing it – everyone got involved and had a great time.  One enthusiast told me she loved the show but especially watching her peers at work as it “helped her think about creating effects in a new ways”.

In addition, we got a chance to catch up with some well known industry icons at the show and get some feedback on the Dell Precision workstations they use in their daily jobs to create their video editing and photography projects. Here is a quick summary along with some videos highlighting their feedback:

  • Colin Smith, and award-winning graphic designer and photographer from Adobe Systems, runs the new Roto Brush in Adobe® After Effects® CS5 on a Dell Precision M6500 and says the massive power from the M6500 enables him and other editors to isolate foreground elements from backgrounds in seconds compared to days.
  • Moose Peterson, Wildlife Photographer, has relied on Dell Precision workstations for more than ten years because they allow him to multitask and edit his photography faster so he can get behind the camera quicker to do what he loves to do – photography.
  • Rafael Concepcion (“RC”), Education and Curriculum Developer, National Association of Photoshop Professionals, speaks to the benefits of using the Dell Precision M6500 with CS5. He says theM6500 provides great performance and allows you to fly in and out Photoshop and your images.
  • Rich Harrington, RHED Pixel, also uses the Dell Precision M6500 and loves the speed of the machine. He instructed classes at Photoshop World and used a Dell Precision workstation. He was blown away by how quickly he was able to launch his applications and pull up a huge animated file and play back the animation in class and not just the rendered image that originally took 17 hours to render.

Our goal is to provide trusted technology solutions to enable our customers to work more efficiently so they can focus on their passion and grow their business.  We were pleased to hear recurring feedback on Dell Precision around the power, performance and reliability the products bring, but most importantly that we were helping the pros and community along the way.  Mission accomplished.  If you’d like to learn more about the right workstation configurations and tools to run your software applications, check out our full portfolio on

About the Author: Patrick Hannan