Dell Precision Workstation Momentum Continues

It’s been a busy quarter on the workstation front and it’s nice to see our hard work is paying off! According to the latest IDC 1Q10 Workstation Tracker, Dell leads the industry in worldwide unit sales, further proof that we’re delivering solutions that you, the customer, want and need in today’s computing environment. It’s always been our goal to push the boundaries of workstation performance and purpose-built solutions for desk side, back office and mobility, and our latest products, including the world’s most powerful 15.6″ and 17” mobile workstations, enable us to do just that.

With Dell Precision workstations, customers know they can experience faster and better performance, increased uptime and productivity. We also partner with strategic Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) to certify system and application compatibility so applications can run gracefully and seamlessly on Dell Precision workstations. Through rigorous testing, Dell also targets guaranteed compatibility and optimized performance in demanding vertical markets such as engineering, scientific and exploration, media and entertainment, software development, economic and finance. So, our work is done right? Time to kick back and enjoy the summer? No, we’ll be busy at work like the rest of you coming up with more ways to take workstation computing to the next level, stay tuned!

About the Author: Greg Weir