Dell Precision Workstations Now Available with NVIDIA AI Enterprise Platform

Bringing AI development from the data center to the deskside on Precision powered by NVIDIA AI Enterprise Essentials.

Dell Technologies is pleased to announce the NVIDIA AI Enterprise software platform for development and deployment of generative AI (GenAI) is now available on select Dell Precision fixed and mobile workstation solutions.

Dell Precision AI-ready workstations play an integral role in the Dell AI Factory, a comprehensive solution designed to simplify the deployment of AI technologies. Precision AI-ready workstations support development and deployment options across the entire enterprise landscape, enabling efficient and effective AI development.

Accelerating data science pipelines and streamlining the creation and deployment of production-grade AI applications, NVIDIA AI Enterprise provides over 100 frameworks, pretrained models and libraries. It also includes NVIDIA NIM microservices for performance-optimized AI inferencing with enterprise-grade security, support and stability. NIM microservices can be deployed with a single command to run on any NVIDIA accelerated infrastructure—cloud, data centers or workstations—with state-of-the-art performance out of the box.

Developers can scale GenAI applications faster with NIM, which allows the deployment of popular LLMs such as Llama3 70B and 8B as prebuilt containers optimized for cloud-native deployment, accessible via industry-standard APIs. NIM microservices also include domain-specific NVIDIA CUDA libraries across a wide range of industries. NIM is just one example of the power and flexibility offered by NVIDIA AI Enterprise.

NVIDIA AI Enterprise is bundled with select Precision workstations with eligible NVIDIA GPUs, including NVIDIA RTX 6000 Ada Generation, NVIDIA RTX 5000 Ada Generation and NVIDIA A800 40GB Active GPUs. These workstations support up to four NVIDIA RTX Ada Generation GPUs, which deliver up to 80% faster AI performance over the previous generation. This provides the necessary computational power for AI development tasks, such as training, fine-tuning and inferencing AI workloads.

Eligible Precision mobile workstations are the Precision 7680, Precision 7780 and Precision 5690 workstations with the NVIDIA RTX 5000 Ada Generation laptop GPU.

Eligible Precision fixed workstations included are the Precision 7960 Rack, Precision 7960 Tower, Precision 7875 Tower, Precision 5860 Tower and Precision 3680 Tower with the NVIDIA RTX 5000 Ada, RTX 6000 Ada and A800 40GB Active GPUs.

NVIDIA AI Enterprise is offered in one-, three- and five-year license subscriptions per qualifying GPU. As a special promotion, customers who purchase a Precision 7960 Tower with an NVIDIA A800 40GB Active GPU will receive a free one-year subscription to NVIDIA AI Enterprise.

For more information or to place an order, visit the Precision AI page for a list of eligible systems, or contact your Dell account manager.

Veronica Thums

About the Author: Veronica Thums

Veronica Thums leads AI messaging for Precision AI-ready workstations collaborating closely with NVIDIA to align go-to-market priorities. She crafts content strategy and messaging to enhance in-market awareness of Dell and NVIDIA integration. Previously at Dell, she was a Product Line Manager within Imaging solutions, driving communications, sales programs and demand generation. Veronica lives in Taylor, TX with her family and husky, Luna. In her spare time you can find her hiking, watching a baseball game and checking out new movies.