Dell Reconnect, Now Over 2,600 Locations and Counting

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 Today, we are making it even easier for our customers to be green as we announced a significant expansion of Dell Reconnect, the free electronic recycling program we offer in partnership with Goodwill Industries International. We are adding 319 additional donation sites across four states – Alabama, Kansas, Florida and Ohio – bringing the total number of participating Dell Reconnect locations in the United States and Canada to 2,600. 

Our team is thrilled to be expanding the Dell Reconnect program and give 6.8 million additional households the opportunity to recycle end-of-life computer equipment responsibly. A program rooted in cleaning up the environment safely and sensibly, Dell Reconnect has diverted more than 230 million pounds of unwanted equipment from landfills since its launch in 2004. It is through programs like this that Dell has managed to recycle more than 150 million pounds of unwanted equipment in fiscal year 2011 alone. Dell is on track to reach our goal of recycling one billion pounds of end-of-life computer equipment by 2014. 

The tremendous success and growth we’ve experienced with Dell Reconnect would not have been possible without the great collaborative relationship with Goodwill. For seven years, Goodwill has been a trusted partner that shares our goal of creating a positive impact on participating communities and the environment. From creating more than 250 green jobs to responsibly cleaning up landfills, I’m consistently amazed at how this program is making a difference in surrounding communities and hope to continue this momentum.

To ensure that programs like these continue to have a positive impact on our planet, we need you, our customers, to adopt responsible electronic recycling measures. Recycling end-of-life computer equipment through Dell Reconnect is convenient, simple and free.  Simply drop off any brand of unwanted equipment to any participating Goodwill donation center in your area. Not only will you be doing your part to clean up the environment, you’ll be benefiting your community as well.  Check out the infographic below depicting the importance of responsible e-waste recycling, the impact that it has on the environment, and additional measures you can take to ensure that your old equipment is handled safely, securely and responsibly. 


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