Dell Reveals Your Data Center’s True Potential at the Virtual Energy Forum

There's still another day left at the Virtual Energy Forum, and the presenters and keynote speakers have ranged from scientists to business leadeVirtual Energy Summitrs to political dignitaries.  The forum is being held completely online, eliminating the need to burn fuel to see it in person, and is free for anyone who wishes to sit in on the discussions.  All the speakers have fielded questions from the online audience, and the discussions have spurred quite a spirited debate in the chatroom provided at the site.  Already, we've heard from the likes of former U.S. Speaker of the House, Newt Gingrich and Kateri Callahan, President of the Alliance to Save Energy.  Tomorrow promises to be equally edifying, with U.S. Senator and former Democratic Presidential nominee, John Kerry, presenting as well as Howard Learner, Senior Energy and Environmental Advisor to the current Democratic Presidential nominee, Barack Obama.   

Thanks to an invitation from the Climate Savers Computing Initiative (CSCI), our very own Rebecca Thorburn had the honor of presenting at the forum today as well.  Rebecca spoke about how Dell can help reveal your data center's true potential.  Most data centers are run inefficiently, and by using energy-efficient servers, virtualization, best practices and advanced cooling technologies, your current data center will run at it's full potential, effectively unlocking a whole new data center within the one you've already got with no increase in the amount of energy it uses. 

As Rebecca noted, Dell's servers are known for their energy-efficiency.  The Poweredge Energy Smart line runs up to 25 percent more efficiently than standard servers, eliminating up to 1 ton of greenhouse emissions annually.  The Poweredge M-Series Blade Servers are up to 19 percent more energy efficient while delivering up to 25 percent better performance per watt than comparable HP servers; the M-series is 12 percent more efficient while delivering up to 29 percent better performance per watt than IBM servers.  One rack of these blade servers consumes up to 28,000 less kWhrs and produces up to 18 tons less CO2 annually than our competitors' systems.  Rebecca also spoke about the benefits of virtualization, which can vastly improve your data center's performance while also saving energy.

During the Q&A session at the end of her presentation, Rebecca was asked about other energy-efficient systems Dell offers.  She spoke of our award-winning Optiplex and Latitude systems, as well as the array of Dell systems that meet CSCI's energy efficiency criteria.  Dell is proud to serve at the board level of this organization, and will continue to design and produce industry-leading energy-efficient solutions.

The PowerPoint deck Rebecca used for the resentation is still available at the Virtual Energy Forum's page.  I highly recommend it.  You will have to register and log in.  Once you've done that, go to the tab that says "Resources Center."  Her deck will be saved there.       

About the Author: Todd D