Dell’s Automated Full-Time Equivalents Won’t Get Tired or Bored

The following is a guest post by Reena Milton with Dell BPO Services Marketing


The movement sweeping the Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) world is called Robotic Process Automation (RPA). This movement involves software agents (or robots), which are programmed to perform repeatable, rules-based tasks in business processes. These software agents range from simple, manual workarounds—developed often with the help of desktop tools like spreadsheets and unstructured databases—to complex software that may run on a virtual machine or a dynamic, trigger-based process, using existing workflow tools in the organization.

Despite these obvious gains in productivity, multiple questions on the adoption of RPA abound. This involves RPA’s far ranging impact—from the current market ecosystem of providers, buyers and platform solutions providers, to how contracts will look in a post-RPA world. And these questions (from all industry segments) continue to build. Adding to the mounting skepticism are differing viewpoints from industry watchers, urging a cautious approach to adoption.

At Dell, we have been able to help organizations improve the business outcomes through increased accuracy, cut processing time, and increase productivity with our RPA solution called Automated Full-Time Equivalents (AFTEs).

AFTE is comprised of 50+ vertical-specific and vertical-agnostic tools to automate repetitive, high-volume and rules-based tasks, reducing or completely eliminating human e­ffort.

The automation principle that helps Dell BPO Services succeed is that the framework uses a single platform, and is built on an enterprise model where the AFTEs are designed to work at scale and deploy using existing data center technologies and infrastructures.

Read the point of view on The Robotic process automation: Combining human direction with technology to improve process performance to understand how our AFTEs work and,

  • Lower costs with little upfront investment
  • Free up employees to do higher-value work
  • Increase speed and scalability
  • Improve accuracy
  • Automate documentation and tracking for audit purposes
  • Work 24/7

Organizations wishing to take automation a step further will also appreciate this preview of the AFTE Command Center, which monitors the performance of the AFTEs in real-time to ensure quality.

And Dell’s AFTE solution is the winner of the Outsourcing Institute’s 2014 Best Thought Leadership award for BPO innovation.

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About the whitepaper

Dispelling the robotic process automation myth, the white paper helps understand how Dell Services, has successfully developed self-learning, self-healing man-machine interaction-based tools for robotic process automation. By redefining process execution and breaking down the processes to the most granular level, then creatively reconstructing them by applying complex man-machine interaction technologies that separate human- and machine-based tasks to fully or partially automate the process task sequence. The RPA initiative at Dell is about integrating human direction with technology to effectively and efficiently deliver measurable outcomes that impact the core of the customers’ business.

About the whitepaper authors

As the Solution Architect Director for Dell’s Healthcare and Life Sciences BPO division, Manish Jain leads the market development strategy and practice efforts to build new solutions, and deal intake processes to maximize the growth of the business in the payer and provider markets.

As the Executive Director of Global Delivery and Support Services for Dell Services’ BPO practice, T. Narasinga Rao (TNR) is responsible for the delivery team, which provides high volume, mission-critical transaction and call center processes for more than 80 clients in Healthcare Provider, Healthcare Payer, Financial Services and commercial markets.


Reena As a Product Marketing Senior Advisor, for Dell Services’ BPO Services Marketing organization, Reena Milton creates internal and customer-facing materials that clearly communicate the value and unique advantage of Dell BPO services. She has experience managing launches across all BPO services verticals, including Healthcare and Life sciences, Banking, Financial Services, Securities and Insurance and across industry solutions, such as Finance and Accounting, Procurement, and Customer Service.

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