Dell’s Evolution by Design

iF Product Design Award 2009Folks at Dell have been working to change customers perception of Dell’s design over time, and especially over the last several months. Today, I wanted to take a few minutes to update you on Dell’s progress.

Several lifestyle publications, technology, bloggers, and broadcast outlets have been taking notice of some of our latest offerings, especially since our Urban Meet Up event in New York last month.

Beyond that, in the last few months Dell has won 16 awards for design across our consumer and commercial products. Financial Times Adamo ReviewThese include some of the largest and most renowned design competitions in the world like the iF Product Design Award 2009, Red Dot Award for Product Design 2009 and Red Dot Best of the Best 2009. Several products from the sleek and stylish Adamo to the commercial line of OptiPlex desktops have won these coveted awards for their use of top of the line materials, innovation and premium craftsmanship.

This design emphasis doesn’t mean we’ve forgotten about other things that matter to customers. Dell’s commitment to performance and features has not fallen by the wayside—we’ve won 46 editorial awards globally in the last quarter from publications such as PC Magazine, Computer Shopper, Engadget and PC Advisor UK to name a few.

Engadget Best of Logo

The design focus continues to influence our reviews strategy as well. Earlier this year, we kicked off a lifestyle seeding program, where we’ve worked closely with publications that emphasize lifestyle over technology. As a result, Dell’s been noted in several publications and broadcast outlets like O The Oprah Magazine, People Style Watch, ABC News, Esquire and Travel & Leisure in the US as well as several others in China, Europe, and Australia…and there are many more to come!

Computer Shopper - Editors' Choice

While receiving awards and recognition is one thing, we understand our focus on design should be shaped by feedback we get from customers. As we continue to evolve Dell as a design company, it’s clear that style and personalization matters to a lot of you. We’ll continue our efforts to make products that stand out from the crowd. If you have thoughts on how we can do this better, please share them here or in the product categories on IdeaStorm.

About the Author: Tara Giovinco