Dell’s Green Efforts Recognized by AMR Research

AMR Research announced yesterday the winners of its 2009 AMR Research Leadership Awards, which award companies for performing well in corporate social responsibility, sustainable leadership and leveraging technology. Dell took the top spot in Operational Sustainable Performance for “striving to incorporate sustainability into every facet of its business, fully integrating design for environment into its products, services, and operations, and accounting for end-of-life products,” AMR told Environmental Leader.

I must say, we’re on a bit of a roll! Just last week, TBR announced that we topped its first-ever Corporate Sustainability Index. Before that, GreenFactor’s  survey named Dell the number one green technology brand. It’s all great recognition, and it’s very rewarding for the teams within Dell that work so hard to ensure we operate responsibly (like buying renewable energy where we can) and make it easy for customers to “be green” (like our free recycling program for consumers).

The real reward, though, is knowing we’re doing right by our planet.  There’s so much to do, and with World Environment Day just around the corner (June 5 – mark your calendars!), we’re as inspired as ever to keep at it!

About the Author: Michelle Mosmeyer