Dell’s Latest All-in-One: Studio One 19 Coming Soon

Dell Studio One 19 (Navy Blue + keyboard & mouse)The Studio One 19 is Dell’s latest all-in-one desktop system. That means the functional desktop components that make it a PC are integrated with the 18.5” display as a single unit.

We’ve worked to make it useful for everyone in the family. Though it’s a full desktop with all the performance and ports you’d expect, it’s small enough to fit in a lot of different places in the home—like the kitchen or family room.

Style is another important aspect of this desktop. It features some materials you might expect—like glass and aluminum, and some you wouldn’t—like stain-resistant fabric in several colors: Solid Pure White, Tuscan Red, Navy Blue, Powder Pink and Charcoal.

Note: Click on the images in this post to see larger versions. You can see more images here on Dell’s Official Flickr page.

The new desktop will be available initially to customers in Japan via retailers and will become available to customers in other countries in the coming weeks. Starting price for the Studio One 19 desktop is $699.

There’s plenty more to talk about with this desktop—especially on the multi-touch front. As we get closer to making it available to customers in the United States, I’ll blog more about it here on Direct2Dell. Dell Studio One 19 (top view with keyboard & mouse)

About the Author: Lionel Menchaca