Dell’s M-Series Blade Servers – Award-Winning Performance

Dell PowerEdge12th generation M-Series blade servers are earning acclaim from even the industry’s toughest critics. “Dell’s M1000e blade system wows with novel new blades, improved management, modular I/O and 40G out the back,”1 earning it both InfoWorld’s Test Center Editor’s Choice Award for 2012 and their coveted 2013 Technology of the Year award. Editors gave further praise stating that “today’s PowerEdge M1000e blade system is a remarkably complete and refined blade solution that incorporates many new ideas and innovations. 2

With unique levels of efficiency, intelligent network and storage integration, and rock solid reliability, Dell M-series blades offer unprecedented computational density and performance. And with elegantly simple manageability, our Partners can confidently address their customers’ diverse server needs.

To further acquaint you with the Dell M-series blade servers, we’ve created a series of product-specific videos accessible below. These benefit-driven videos are also a great resource to share directly with your customers.

The Dell PowerEdge M420: Up to 32 blades in just 10U of rack space

This video highlights the Dell PowerEdge M420 – a server recommended for your customers with ultra-dense data centers.

The Dell PowerEdge M520 Blade Server:  Power, density and efficiency

For your customers managing more mainstream workloads, the Dell M520 might be more appropriate, as presented in this video

Check out the additional videos on The Dell PowerEdge M620 Blade Server which offers a perfect solution for customers with midsize to large data centers and a taxing workload.  Also, The Dell PowerEdge M820 Blade Server which is perfect for core business workloads described in this video. You can find all the videos mentioned above here.

As shared in our videos, all of our M-Series blades servers are designed to equip your customers with the power to do more— without sacrificing enterprise class security, manageability or virtualization. And with our diverse and robust product offering, Dell can deliver on that promise regardless of your customer’s data complexity or capacity.

Product Tip: For enhanced data center efficiency, Dell l recommends pairing M-Series blade servers with the shared power, cooling, networking and management infrastructure of the PowerEdge M1000e Blade Enclosures.


InfoWorld PowerEdge M1000e Review

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