Dell’s Rebranded PartnerDirect Logo

Since launching in 2007, our PartnerDirect program has evolved and expanded significantly. In the five years it has been in operation, its performance, offerings and achievements have exceeded industry expectations. Dell has worked hard to build trust with its partners, and as a result our partners are now investing heavily in us. It’s important to Dell that the growth of the PartnerDirect program is captured in its branding and we want to ensure all our partners are now using our refreshed PartnerDirect logo.

The rebranding of the PartnerDirect logo is a reminder of Dell’s expansion of its channel partner program as well as the company’s transformation story. Dell is no longer seen as just a hardware supplier but is now being welcomed as a strategic solutions provider. Dell is committed to the channel and offers its full portfolio of solutions and services through the channel.

There is an abundance of commercial benefits and opportunities to be harvested from association with a globally leading brand like Dell. The new logo enables partners to be part of the credible, respected and innovative Dell brand seen in the market today. By incorporating Dell into their marketing strategies, partners can position their businesses to customers and distinguish themselves in the Channel.

The PartnerDirect logo is a clear signpost of Dell’s channel program and primary visual symbol of the Dell brand. The logo serves as a positive embodiment of Dell’s uniqueness. Over the years, the PartnerDirect logo has experienced a number of revisions, mirroring the program’s developments, such as the new PartnerDirect enhancements made in May of last year.

These enhancements included the introduction of the Premier Partner and Preferred Partner levels, shifting Dell from a two-tier program to a three-tier program. For partners to achieve Premier Partner status they must hold two certifications, whereas one certification is required for Preferred Partner status. A certification is not required for Registered Partner status. To find out how to become certified with Dell, check out this short  video from Bob Skelley, Global Executive Director of Dell’s Certified Partner Program and Channel:

Here’s the story of the PartnerDirect branding evolution:

clip_image002The PartnerDirect logo branding is exclusive to all Registered, Preferred and Premier Partners and the brand refreshment offers individual logos for the different types of partnerships available with Dell. To enhance business reputation, the updated logos can be used on partner’s websites, business cards and e-mail signatures. In addition, the logos can be included in any marketing activity relating to Dell products and services.

As part of our PartnerDirect terms & conditions, partners must use the refreshed logo relevant to their partner level. So if you are a partner and you don’t have the latest logo, you can download the correct logos and brand guidelines on the Partner Portal or contact your Dell channel account manager.

About the Author: Emily Store