Dell Services and Customers Come Together at SAPPHIRE NOW 2015

The momentum is building among the Dell Services team for SAPPHIRE NOW 2015. The annual SAP-sponsored event held this year in Orlando, Florida from May 4 – 7, 2015, features groundbreaking solutions that make the most of the SAP platform and technology. Long a leader in enterprise application software, SAP helps organizations “fight the damaging effects of complexity, generate new opportunities for innovation and growth, and stay ahead of the competition.”

Dell Services works closely with SAP to adapt, manage and implement solutions for customers around the world. The Dell Services team is looking forward to having insightful conversations around the latest Dell SAP offerings, such as SAP HANA, Shop Floor, and Dell Zero IMPACT Migration Services. The team plans to highlight customer stories that best demonstrate how Dell works with customers to build business results, such as 100 percent paperless manufacturing through Shop Floor transformations for more than 25 customers, and modernizing SAP environments with minimum risk and an average of 95 percent less downtime.

For example, in 2014, Scapa Group PLC—a leading global manufacturer of bonding solutions and adhesive components—boasted a growing list of customers in the medical, electronics, industrial and transportation industries. The company had increased efficiencies, improved operational visibility and boosted productivity at three existing plants since it deployed a new Manufacturing Execution System (MES) based on an SAP MII infrastructure. But the organization faced new challenges as it integrated a newly acquired plant in Knoxville, Tennessee.

“This plant required us to put a lot of quality management controls in place to comply with Federal *** Administration regulations,” said Cavan Baillie, SAP support manager for Scapa North America. “However, that was difficult to do because the plant relied on manual, paper-based systems.” Scapa also needed to upgrade the SAP MII systems at all its plants. “We needed to get onto the newest version, 14.0, because we liked the features we saw there,” Baillie said. Another challenge? Aging hardware. “Our hardware supports critical manufacturing systems, so we need to have the best performing servers we can find. Our servers definitely needed upgrading,” stated Baillie.

Working closely with Dell Services, the company deployed a system based on SAP MII 14.0 that streamlines medical device data collection and archiving and also centralizes production processes. “The SAP MII deployment in Knoxville was a true team effort with Dell Services, just like the previous deployments were,” said Baillie. “We really shared the workload for the project.” Dell also helped Scapa upgrade to SAP MII 14.0 at all four plants. “That process was another great example of teamwork. Dell Services adjusted the code to fit the new version, and we worked closely with them on a step-by-step conversion.”

This is just one of the many Dell Services customer success stories show-goers will learn about at SAP SAPPHIRE NOW 2015. Dell also plans to hold live Q&A sessions with a leading supply chain and electronic manufacturing company, and a leading theme park and entertainment company in the theater presentation area in the Dell SAPPHIRE NOW booth.

The Dell Services area of Booth #218 will also feature stories of how Dell Services can help business achieve better business outcomes faster than ever before. The team plans to highlight the following:

  • Dell's SAP Industry solutions, which enable 100 percent paperless manufacturing through Shop-floor transformations for more than 25 customers. Manufacturing offerings include – SAP Shop Floor (ME & MII), Internet of Things (IoT), SAP Fiori, Oil and Gas Industry solutions, and more.

  • Dell's SAP Transformation services, which help customers to perform a HANA Value Identification study, making the most of Dell’s use case library to identify cases and associated benefits that justify a HANA investment. Value ID for SAP HANA combines these studies with development of business cases, ROI studies, value realization roadmaps and requirements for infrastructure, migrations and upgrades. This new offering will help customers use Dell’s HANA Development Lab to build proof-of-concepts in a cloud based environment, before they make a financial commitment into software or hardware.
  • Dell's SAP Modernization services, such as ZeroIMPACT migrations, which modernize SAP environments with minimum risk and around 95 percent less downtime.
  • Dell's SAP Application Management services, which help businesses manage and support their enterprise resource planning (ERP) applications anywhere in the world.

In addition to the solutions showcase, Dell Services plans to deliver a session on how businesses can build a “roadmap for business transformation with HANA.” Tuesday, May 5, 2105 from 12:30 – 12:50pm EST. As the show approaches, preparations are being made to make the Dell Services presence at SAP SAPPHIRE NOW the best ever. Plan to meet the Dell Services team at Booth #218 to learn more. 

About the Author: Abhijeet Kulkarni