Dell Services Goes to the Digital Ball – TechBridge Digital Event Series

The Marriott Marquis in downtown Atlanta may have seen some Teslas pull up instead of pumpkin carriages on Saturday, May 7th just in time for the TechBridge Digital Ball. Between bright colors and glittering evening gowns, tuxedos and — in the case of Dell Services, white and blue boutonnieres and corsages — patrons flooded the cocktail hour and formal dinner reception.

This is not the typical rags-to-riches Cinderella story. Instead, this is about TechBridge, a not-for-profit company that drives community impact by bringing affordable technology and business expertise to other non-profits. By fundraising and working with corporations such as Dell Services, TechBridge is able to support non-profits on the frontlines of alleviating poverty for the millions of people they serve.

Dell and Dell Services have been a sponsor for the past several years.

We have seen a lot of familiar faces here that have attended every year just like us, and it is exciting to meet new people who care about the cause,” said Prasoon Saxena, executive director at Dell Services, “It is a great night to dress up, and learn about all of the progress that last year’s recipient has made as a result of the funding. Listening to the current year candidate’s stories and what they do is inspiring. It is also hard to root for just one winner when everyone is working so hard to impact a life, their community.


Dell Services employees are not only encouraged to engage in charities and local communities on a regular basis, but also have a chance to collaborate with team members around corporate missions as part of Dell’s Legacy of Good program. In this way, workplace innovation impacts more than our customers and their business — it is about the community.

Technology in places such as homeless shelters, (where staffers may need to identify a person and their needs, or how to be located in an emergency, or that there is a bed available) makes all the difference for the quality of engagement they have in delivering comfort.


Scott Schindler, Global Sales Director for Telco/Media and Hitech at Dell Services had a chance to participate with Ricky Steele in Booth 61.

When asked why Dell keeps coming back to donate in the community he said:

There is always time to get back with the organizations in our community … It has been part of our fiber … You work all week long very hard for a corporation, but the essence of getting together (tonight) reinvigorates people to think through the past year of their successes, of where they want to take their organizations. And part of that, I think, reinvigorates corporations to make events like this part of their future going forward as part of their philanthropic efforts.” To hear more of Scott’s interview, go to

To see more about the evening please check out photos which can be found on Techbridge’s Flickr page as well as the Dell Services Flickr.

About the Author: Anka Jedry