Dell Services Powers SAP HANA Deployments for Global Customers

SAP HANA is a “real-time platform for analytics and applications…providing significant processing speed, the ability to handle big data, predictive capabilities, and text mining capabilities.” Dell has taken this SAP solution and created an optimally configured appliance with SAP HANA built-in as well as a full range of services supporting the deployment.

Atos, a Belgium based international information technology services company with 74,000 employees turned to Dell for the establishment of a SAP HANA platform for its Atos SAP Competence Center in Belgium. This center supports around 10,000 Atos consultants for training and demonstration environments required for customer engagements.  Dell Deployment Services delivered the SAP HANA appliance on Dell PowerEdge R910 servers that is meeting the needs of Atos consultants.

“I don’t imagine there were many people who knew more about SAP HANA than the Dell consultant we worked with.” Michael Mertens, Head of the Atos SAP Competence Center

GIB, a German SAP partner and creator of G.I.B Dispo-Cockpit software, a leading supply chain management solution for SAP customers looked to Dell for a SAP HANA appliance in creating a new demonstration environment of their technology.  Dell quickly engaged with GIB to meet specific timelines and performance needs ensuring a high level of customer satisfaction and demonstration capabilities.

With our Dell SAP HANA appliance, we’ve got data access down to 40 seconds – and we’re aiming to reduce it further. It will mean customers get business insight faster for better decision making.”  – Nikolaj Schmitz, IT Manager, G.I.B

For more on Dell’s SAP HANA solutions, contact  your sales representative or visit the Dell website.

About the Author: Stephen Spector