Dell Services Rolls Out IoT Solutions for Healthcare and Insurance

Experts predict that by 2020, 25 billion devices will be connected to the internet and organizations need to be able to capitalize on all the data being generated. It’s a big job to capture, analyze and use data from all those sensors to optimize business operations and drive business growth. Getting started with the Internet of Things today requires an end to end approach that is grounded in experience and pragmatism.

Dell Services offers specialized IoT offerings for healthcare and insurance companies. Dell Services will soon launch its Insurance IoT Solution Accelerator, an IoT solution for insurance companies that enables the creation of new products and services, such as Insurance as a Service, Usage Based Insurance/Dynamic Pricing, and Prescriptive Analytics. This end-to-end solution uses a Dell Gateway, Dell Services, and a set of integrated software components such as Dell Statistica for analytics, Dell Boomi for integration and Dell SonicWall for security.


The Accelerator will provide insurance companies with the integrated tools, hardware, software, IoT fabric, infrastructure and cloud needed to “stand up” in an environment that allows new products and services to be developed quickly. The Accelerator will offer proven customer journey templates, based on a world-class methodology; a pre-built, configurable architecture, allowing market testing of new offerings; and necessary supporting functionality, such as analytics and mobile apps. Dell Services administers nearly three million insurance policies, has collected $4 billion in premiums annually, and manages 350,000+ new business cases monthly, all while handling more than five million phone calls from policy holders and agents annually.

A practical application of IoT for insurance

The smart connected home is instrumented with various sensors such as water leakage, air quality, CO2 (fire, smoke or gas leakage), and occupancy. The sensors send data in real time to a Dell gateway where it filters, aggregates, encrypts, and connects to cloud-based IoT lifecycle management platform. This data is then analyzed further and deeper after integrating with insurance enterprise systems, such as policy administration, under-writing, and claims processing systems, for various outcomes. From there the data can be used to design dynamic insurance policies and alert the home owner or insurance company of any dangers. A mobile touchpoint further enhances the experience, and could give the owner information on home insurance usage and home safety in real time, accessible from any part of the world.

An IoT ecosystem approach to healthcare

IoT for wellness covers the wearables and such other devices with sensors. The IoT gateway captures the wellness data collected by these sensors and enables their back-end integration into other data sources like EMR/Revenue cycle systems, social media data, and third-party aggregators, all of which can help in determining the wellness quotient of consumers. Using advanced analytics, healthcare providers can leverage these data for varied outcomes—including targeted wellness coaching, disease prevention, healthy lifestyle augmentation, and fitness tracking. The same concept can be extended to other healthcare scenarios, such as remote ICU care monitoring and intervention, home care management, and self-care in chronic disease conditions to name a just a few. Also, wellness, prevention-. or critical-care can be a initiator for automatic health insurance claims, once those systems are part of the eco-system.

The Dell Wellness Connected Health Eco-System orchestrates an entire IoT ecosystem in real-time, starting with gathering vitals from a connected healthy individual or a patient through wearables and other devices, and then integrating the data to other applications like EMRs, ERPs, HMIS, and claims management platforms, to provide integrated wellness and patient care. The “Dell Well” secure gateway, along with wellness sensors and devices, are part of the connected health IoT ecosystem.

This week at Dell World 2015, attendees can test out some of their vitals using wearables, and compare their consolidated scores.

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About the Author: Raman Sapra