Dell Still Looking into Throttling on the Studio XPS 1645 and Studio 17 laptops

I’ve been involved in discussions with customers on sites on threads like this one and this one on and also here on the Dell Forum regarding power adapter limitations that may result in excessive CPU throttling. The Dell engineering team has been investigating this issue the past several weeks based on the detailed feedback from Dell customers.

In working with the engineering team, here’s what they told me: the Studio XPS 1645 and Studio 17 laptops are designed with performance in mind, and we are investigating improvements in the CPU throttling algorithms so that the systems will be performing at or close to maximum wattage more consistently than they do today. Such changes to the current state machine implementation can be made through the BIOS, and we are currently working on a test version. We will publish a release date for the test BIOS shortly – please bear with us a little longer while we qualify the mods to get the best possible performance for you.

We appreciate the feedback you’ve shared with us and your continued patience in this process.

About the Author: Brad Laurich