Dell Technologies Future-Proof Program: Navigate IT Futures

How can our Anytime Upgrade, Never-Worry Data Migration, and Flexible Payment Solutions advance your storage infrastructure?

IT departments purchasing data center equipment know that technology is constantly changing and do not want to be burdened with legacy IT infrastructure. Dell Technologies Future-Proof Program provides upgrade options and choices to IT managers enabling companies to adapt and benefit from the latest technological advancements. The Future-Proof Program consists of three main pillars which are Guarantee Outcomes, Maximize Investments and Navigate IT Futures.

Future Proof Program Pillars - Guarantee Outcomes, Maximize Investments, and Navigate IT Futures.

This is the third blog in a series that highlights the advantages of the Navigate IT Futures pillar. The Navigate IT Futures category includes Anytime Upgrade, Never-Worry Data Migration and Flexible Payment Solutions.

Navigate IT pillar and its three elements - Anytime Upgrades, Never-Worry Data Migration, and Flexible Payment Solutions. Anytime Upgrade

One element of the Future-Proof Program designed to give IT departments future system upgradeability is the Anytime Upgrade offer. Once a customer purchases the Anytime Upgrade option the program enables Dell Technologies’ PowerStore storage users to upgrade storage controllers starting 180 days after initial purchase. There are two different Anytime Upgrade¹ options available: Anytime Upgrade Standard and Anytime Upgrade Select.

The Anytime Upgrade Standard option enables purchasers to upgrade the storage controller on the corresponding PowerStore array from the current generation controller to the next generation controller at no additional charge. Therefore, IT departments can capture all the performance and innovation available in the next generation storage controller without replacing their array. Users can receive the benefits of the newest storage controller technology.

The Anytime Upgrade Select option provides even more flexibility for IT departments. There are two sub-components of the Anytime Upgrade Select option. The first option enables IT departments to not only upgrade PowerStore controllers from the current generation to the next generation, but simultaneously enables users to upgrade the PowerStore controller model. For example, if an IT department purchased a PowerStore 3000 with a Gen1 controller, and purchased Anytime Upgrade Select, the IT department could upgrade to a PowerStore 5000 with a Gen2 controller. The second option of the Anytime Upgrade Select program enables customers to receive a discount to scale out PowerStore deployments. Anytime Upgrade Select provides options to IT departments that may need additional performance and capacity when they choose to scale out their PowerStore deployments after the initial purchase.

Anytime Upgrade options do not require IT departments to purchase additional capacity or buy additional ProSupport coverage. The Anytime Upgrade program offers unique flexibility that enables users to benefit from the latest technology. Talk to your sales representative to learn more about how the Anytime Upgrade program can benefit your IT environment.

Never-Worry Data Migration

The second element of the Navigate IT Futures pillar is Never-Worry Data Migration.² The storage solutions from Dell Technologies are designed to simplify data migration from an existing Dell Technologies storage solution to a new solution if needed. Dell Technologies offers data migration capabilities direct from the array managers. Therefore, Dell Technologies removes the requirement for third party solutions often associated with data migrations.

Flexible Payment Solutions

The final element of the Navigate IT Futures pillar is Flexible Payment solutions. Flexible Payment Solutions³ includes a broad array of payment and financing options to simplify the purchasing of IT solutions. For example, leasing or financing options from Dell Financial Services deliver simplified and predictable payments for companies. IT managers decide both the technology and terms that are best suited for their workloads. In addition to traditional financing and leasing options, Dell offers APEX Custom Solutions. APEX Custom Solutions enables users to deploy a base capacity as well as a buffer capacity during initial deployment. Most operations will only utilize the base capacity. However, if an IT department temporarily needs buffer capacity, all the necessary components are installed and deployed. The user will only pay for the buffer capacity when the incremental resources are used.

Anytime Upgrade, Never-Worry Data Migration, and Flexible Payment Solutions are designed to support Dell Technologies’ customers over time as technologies change. For more information, please visit the Future-Proof Program webpage and the two related blogs that discuss Guarantee Outcomes and Maximize Investments. Talk to your sales representative to learn more about how the Dell Technologies Future-Proof Program can benefit your IT environment.

¹ Anytime Upgrade. Requires purchase of ProSupport and either “Standard” or “Select” (where available) at point of sale to qualify. “Select” provides Next-Gen controller upgrade from Standard, plus choice of in-family upgrade or scale-out discount toward an additional appliance solution.  Additional terms and conditions apply.

² Never-Worry Data Migrations: Does not include data transfer services. Customer responsible for ensuring data is backed-up. Applicable products include: Dell EMC Unity, Dell EMC Unity XT, PowerFlex appliance, PowerMax, PowerStore, SC Series, XtremIO X2, VMAX All Flash, VxRail.

³ Flexible Consumption: Dell EMC Flexible consumption models enabled by Dell Financial Services (DFS). Applicable products include: PowerProtect DD, Dell EMC Unity, Dell EMC Unity XT, ECS Appliance, PowerProtect Appliances, PowerScale, Isilon, Networking (N, S, Z Series, MX Switching Modules), PowerMax, PowerStore, SC Series, XtremIO X2, VMAX All Flash, VxRail.

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