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Partner programs drive synergy and the Dell Technology Partner Program combines Dell’s strengths with those of our partners to deliver superior competitive solutions for the customer.

In The Value of a Technology Partner, we talked about the value of the program. Today, I’d like to highlight the testing practices followed to certify partner solutions on our platforms.

The streamlined engagement and testing methodologies are practiced globally within Dell Solution Centers (DSC). Once a partner is on boarded for certification, the engineers scope the effort with the partner’s technical team. Our certification engineers work collaboratively with cross functional teams internally to establish the most efficient and effective interface development process for each partner. The DSC certifies the interoperability between partner products with Dell platforms and solutions and ensures that the solutions meet current business objectives and future scalability needs.

See what Alvin Peng our lead certification engineer from Americas DSC has to say about the certifications and the process.

I’m proud to say that we currently have certifications around most of our platforms and solutions, ranging from server, storage, network, workstations, precision, tablets, cloud, security, education, healthcare, and retail and cloud client computing. We offer onsite and remote testing for partner development and certification, and we have programs that loan hardware to partners for testing, development and to support participation in technical events, depending on availability. The DSC is also available to convert existing relationships into structured partnerships using audits to evaluate interoperability and performance.

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Join us in the Technology Partner Program booth (402G) booth at Dell World 2014, November 4–6th in Austin, Texas to meet some of our Technology Partners, check out their solutions and learn more about the program. Can’t make it to Dell World this year? I will be capturing as many of the highlights as possible to share after the event. Stay tuned!

Dell’s Technology Partner Program helps us offer innovative and highly competitive business solutions by integrating with partners on our platforms. Learn more about the Dell Technology Partner Program at

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Topics in this article