Dell Unwraps Gift Rap—A Resource for the Holidays and Beyond

Gift Rap LogoWith the holidays about to get into full swing, today we’re unveiling a new group called Gift Rap. It’s no surprise that a lot of folks are looking to buy technology for loved ones this time of year. And for many of those customers that means lots of questions… how in the heck do you make sense of all the options that are in front of you?

 With Gift Rap, we’ve worked to put all the resources you need in one place. Think of it as a place where you can get the answers to all kind of technology topics from Dell employees and community members alike.

What are the must-have gadgets this year? Do you need a desktop or a notebook? How much RAM or hard drive space makes sense? What hardware matters if you’re buying a PC for editing videos? What about a decent gaming machine that doesn’t cost big bucks? Those are just a few of the kinds of discussions you can expect to find there.

You’ll hear from Dell experts as you would expect, but we’ll also be featuring content from Walmart’s Elevenmoms community to give you helpful perspective. Most importantly though, Gift Rap is a place where you can have discussions with other customers who are part of the Dell community.

Beyond discussions, you’ll see holiday-related articles from third-party sites that may be of interest. Of course, the latest deals from Dell will always be a click away. And we’ll tweet a little bit of everything from

So, how do you get started? If you haven’t registered to be part of the Dell Community, that’s the first step. From there, you can click on the Groups section and look for the gift logo just like the one featured at the top of this post.

From there, click on the blue button like the one in the image below to join the group and that should be it.

Gift Rap - Join this group

About the Author: Lionel Menchaca