Dell Wins “Best ITO” Award for Towers Watson Engagement

As Dell continues its evolution from a PC-maker to an end-to-end services and solutions provider, the focus continues to remain on providing the customer with the most effective and efficient IT. Recently we were provided with more proof we are on the right track. Last week, Dell Services was honored with the “Best ITO” award for our work with Towers Watson by the Outsourcing Center at the 16th Annual Outsourcing Excellence Awards, which spotlights the best outsourcing relationships.

Towers Watson, a leading global professional services company, nominated Dell for the award. Dell Services provided Towers Watson with a next-generation computer platform to optimize resiliency, efficiency and security to support business growth. Dell and Towers Watson worked together to design an architecture that would support compute, storage and backup requirements and Dell continues to provide ongoing support for these systems.

Outsourcing Center judges reviewed Towers Watson’s submission to assess the relationship between vendor and customer, determine the challenges faced, and consider whether Dell addressed changing business needs. Based on these criteria and a very positive review from the customer, judges chose Dell as the winner of the Best ITO award. Past winners included IBM, HP and Wipro.

Outsourcing Excellence Award

Dell has always sought to empower customers to achieve more. Its innovations and investments seek to create open, standards-based solutions customized to help clients improve performance. Dell’s end-to-end solutions provide choice and flexibility in computing environments as customers deploy workloads, unify management within a converged infrastructure, and integrate cloud capabilities and services.

Companies will continue outsourcing information technology functions in order to save on costs and to focus on their core competencies. By allowing Dell to take care of the back-end IT services, businesses can be freed to do what they do best. Relying on Dell to update legacy systems will bring savings to companies while providing them with more efficient IT service.

Being recognized for this award is just one step towards our goal of becoming an IT services provider industry leader. We value our customers and feel honored when they recognize our good work. We’ll continue to diligently work towards expanding our abilities, differentiating ourselves from our competitors, and innovating to meet its customers’ needs. So congratulations to the Dell Towers Watson team and we’ll continue to work to make all of our customers just as happy as that team was able to make their customer.

About the Author: Anthony Sartoris