Beyond the numbers – How Dell uses data to connect with customers, wins Clarabridge Customer Experience Management award Social Net Advocacy Tool

I am excited to announce that Dell is a Clarabridge People's Choice Award winner for excellence in Customer Experience Management (CEM).  In addition to recognizing Dell’s success in understanding brand advocacy and improving brand health, what I’m most proud about this award is its acknowledgment of how we’re making intelligent decisions to improve the overall customer experience based on the analysis of real-time social data insights we receive.

At the heart of this award is our proprietary patent-pending Social Net Advocacy (SNA) metric and its associated tool, Social Net Advocacy Pulse (SNAP), used for measurement and tracking. We used this in conjunction with Clarabridge’s sentiment and text analytics solution to help analyze, understand, and contextualize Dell’s customer feedback text and sentiment.

But, let’s take a step back and dive into SNA and how it helps us deliver a better customer experience for you, our customers.

SNA is a metric calculated from social media conversations and measures the "Net" (positive – negative) advocacy of a brand/topic based on the sentiment and the context of the conversation.  With the explosive growth in social media, customers are increasingly taking their conversations to social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, blogs, message forums and others. In fact, there are more than 25,000 daily mentions of Dell in English language alone.  These conversations talk about every aspect of Dell- from its product/services, support, pricing, packaging, financial results and even our community outreach efforts.  Most importantly, each of these conversations reach a subset of the audience, depending on the author, and influences the perception of our brand with our customers and therefore affects the overall advocacy or health of our brand.  We needed a way to make sense of all this data.

That’s where Clarabridge and Dell’s proprietary Social Net Advocacy Pulse tool come in. With Clarabridge, the Dell Social Media Analytics team can break down and analyze all the customer feedback text, enabling Dell to intelligently understand, quantify, and contextualize the customer feedback so that more informed business decisions can be made to improve the overall customer experience. We then use SNAP across Dell to understand and integrate customer feedback in real-time enabling shorter response cycles – this means we’re able to quickly connect with you and highlight solutions truly relevant to you.  

Congratulations to the team who is collecting the award in sunny San Diego at the Clarabridge Customer Connection conference this week!

About the Author: Munish Gupta