Dell Wyse Cloud Client Manager Eases Consumerization of IT and BYOD Challenges

Note from Allison: I published this post on behalf of Rami Karam,  who is a Product Marketing Manager, Dell Cloud Client Computing. Here’s Rami’s post.


IT Managers need solutions to deliver world-class service while ensuring corporate data is secure and costs are in check. In todays increasingly consumerized IT environment, that’s a huge challenge – IT doesn’t own all the pieces of the puzzle anymore, consumer technologies employees want to use change so fast and so many of these same employees work remotely, on-the-go and from home, far out of reach of corporate IT.

According to an IDC survey, IT managers prioritize security and compliance, support for mobile devices and apps, and IT staff productivity improvements as their top three priorities.[1] The Dell Wyse Cloud Client Manager helps organizations by providing secure access to company content, control and support for company- and user- owned mobile devices, and freeing IT staff of time consuming administrative tasks. And it does this securely, from a cloud-based console that requires no hardware or software to be installed or maintained on premise.

With the prolific consumer adoption of smart phones, a CDW study found 79 percent of mid-sized enterprises deployed smartphones to some workers. However, despite widespread use, the study also found that 67 percent of IT managers are unfamiliar with management software to support this rapidly growing trend. This potentially leads to serious lapses in security, as managers do not know where their workers may be accessing sensitive documents, or whether they are doing so in a secure manner.

The solution lies in the Dell Wyse Cloud Client Manager that can manage both company and user-owned devices from profiles set on a single, cloud-based console. As employees increasingly opt to use their personal devices for both work and home, IT managers need greater control over apps and access to company content to ensure a secure mobile computing environment. Critically, it allows IT departments to set policies on a user level – determining the way in which each individual employee accesses corporate content; ultimately rendering the device used immaterial so long as granularly set criteria are fulfilled.

Dell Wyse Cloud Client Manager makes mobile devices easy to manage alongside existing corporate devices like thin clients. iOS and Android user-owned phones and tablets are currently supported and Windows and laptop and desktop support is planned for early 2013, not just corporate devices. This comprehensive cloud-hosted console gives users the choice on whether to use personal or company provided devices at work. The device manager enables more flexibility on policies regarding bring-your-own-device (BYOD) for IT managers and more freedom on device preference for employees.

Dell Wyse Cloud Client Manager relieves IT of the burdensome and tedious task of tracking personal devices by providing an end user self-service portal. Through this software, IT departments may define end user rights and permissions based on individual or group membership, which dramatically reduces the amount of time taken to administer all devices on the network. Users can register their own devices through the self-service portal for compliant use of the corporate network, and get a personalized view of which devices are currently registered, add new ones and view the policies that govern their use. Additionally, they are able reset system passwords, and in the case of loss or theft of a registered device, locate, lock or wipe it clean of corporate data.

Finally, the Cloud Client Manager enables IT departments the ability to monitor registration and usage information on multiple levels which also conform to legal audit requirements. The solution generates detailed activity on each device, at the departmental or individual level. IT managers gain a holistic overview of which resources employees use to access corporate content. Real-time alerts help IT teams focus on critical issues affecting security, efficiency and regulatory compliance.

Organizations need technology that is flexible enough to help them solve a variety of everyday challenges, bringing ease of use and peace of mind. The Dell Wyse Cloud Client Manager demonstrates Dell’s commitment to providing solutions to pressing IT problems facing organizations today.

[1] IDC Survey: Smart Mobile Devices and Apps Expected to Transform IT Management Life Cycles in 2013

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