Dell Wyse WSM 5 Provides Organizations with Budget-Friendly Desktop Virtualization Solutions

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In the current economic environment, organizations face constricting budgets, and IT teams are left with flat or depleted resources. At the same time, users demand greater performance across a growing variety of applications.  Gartner is forecasting near-flat IT spending growth as we start the year 2013. Technology can play an important role in helping organizations do more with less, and Dell Wyse’s WSM 5 provides one such solution.

IT managers need to provide high quality services at reduced costs as a result of the macroeconomic environment. Dell Wyse WSM provides the performance of a PC with the security and ease of management benefits of desktop virtualization. With the adoption of virtualized desktops, IT costs drop sharply and managing user endpoints requires fewer resources due to centralized control. And organizations can realize significant cost savings without sacrificing the quality of the tools needed for optimal performance.

Virtual desktops provisioned by WSM sport multimedia capabilities including support of HD videos and other rich content which can be viewed securely. The isolated streamed environment of WSM is sandboxed from the desktop hardware, so that viruses on user devices never reach the network. Furthermore, videos can be viewed locally without traditional streaming from a server, enhancing security. Knowing that content can be viewed and shared without risk of harm from the network means less time and worry devoted to these IT issues.

Similarly, WSM centralized management helps organizations to maintain a greater degree of data integrity, by enabling swift recovery from an outage within minutes rather than the hours it takes in distributed computing systems. Controlling many devices from one location means less time rebooting and reloading individual PCs, easing the burden on maintenance.  Downloaded from the Dell website, WSM 5 is now easier to set up and deploy than ever.

IT departments can deploy WSM 5 to centrally manage desktops, operating systems and applications, which reduces the operating cost of managing a large scale desktop virtualization environment. This streamlined approach negates the need for a large data center and allows the IT staff to be much more efficient and strategic. WSM 5 also boasts a remodeled user interface for a more intuitive, easier user experience.

One area where WSM is enabling organizations to do more with less can be found in education, where schools must stretch their dollars to provide quality education with smaller budgets. Through the adoption of virtualized desktops, savings from IT can be redirected to other priorities. With tough challenges facing organizations, technologies like Dell Wyse WSM 5 enable IT managers to truly do more with less. WSM is just one example of how Dell Wyse provides practical technological innovations and solutions to address the pressing, real-world needs facing today’s organizations.

About the Author: Manish Bhaskar

Topics in this article