Dell Wyse WSM offers turnkey virtualization deployment

Are you considering desktop or application virtualization but concerned about the amount of time and money required to get there? Are you doubtful if virtualized desktops and apps will deliver the same performance as a traditional PC across your widely distributed organization? Do you fear that you need to invest large amounts of capital and time for a virtualization proof of concept?

Introducing WSM Starter Kit…

Now, IT managers can reduce the upfront infrastructure costs and test and evaluate these promising technologies risk–free. Dell Wyse WSM, a powerful virtualization solution that delivers a full PC experience to traditional and cloud PCs on demand, is now available in a quick and easy starter kit. The WSM Starter Kit is a turn-key, plug-n-play solution that includes everything you need to conduct a proof of concept within one hour: server, clients, networking, peripherals, preinstalled software, and virtual desktops for up to three users. In addition, the kit can be expanded to support up to 12 users with minimal effort. Since all components can be reused in production, the upfront investment risk is minimal.

About Dell Wyse WSM

IT managers are faced with the unenviable job of providing optimized computing performance, tight security, and a seamless user experience – all while still containing costs. With an increasingly mobile workforce, employees demand anywhere, anytime access to content and applications. Desktop virtualization and cloud client computing is the first step for IT managers who want to provide secure access for any app, to any user, on any device.

Dell Wyse WSM is a high performance, cost-effective, yet simple and affordable desktop and application virtualization software solution that delivers a full PC experience to traditional and cloud PCs on demand and manages applications through a centralized cloud server. Unlike traditional PCs, the Dell Wyse WSM safely and securely stores all images, applications and data on the server rather than a user device, enhancing the IT manager’s ability to control and monitor the security of content.

As IT managers take the journey from traditional PCs to desktop virtualization, Dell Wyse WSM will turn a bumpy road into a smooth transition. Dell Wyse WSM Starter Kit provides an easy, low-risk way to try desktop virtualization technology and addresses upfront investment costs and concerns about performance, time to market, and lack of proof of concept.

WSM Starter Kit

Dell Wyse WSM Starter Kit

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