Dell: 10 Years in China

Michael Dell recently visited China last week. Some of you may have seen reports in the blogosphere about some things he discussed. For a bit more context, I thought it made sense to share Amit Midha's recent Direct2Dell Chinese post on our English site as well. Here's Amit's post.

Amit Midha
Dell Greater China President

2008 is a unique and important year for China since it will host the Olympics Games. 2008 is a unique and important year for Dell China as it marks our 10th anniversary in China and we will turn into a new chapter of our growth and development in China.

Last week, our Chairman & CEO Michael Dell visited China and kicked off our 10th anniversary celebration in China by announcing extensions of the company's educational and environmental initiatives in the country.

Dell will invest RMB 1.7 million to equip six more Dell Learning Centers (DLC). The centers are helping rural migrant children bridge the technological gap to the Internet-based Connected Era. By the end of the year, Dell will have initiated 10 DLCs in China. The first three new centers are scheduled to open in April and May in Tianjin, Hangzhou and Chengdu. Each center will feature Dell's leading computer systems paired with education software, which Dell volunteers and others will use to help train children on how to use information technology.

Additionally, Dell will donate RMB 1 million to support the "greening" of the Chao Yang district of Beijing as part of the Company's global Regeneration initiatives ( The entire amount will go toward planting trees and maintaining green areas in the area.

Dell began operations in China in 1998. Since then, the company's business here has expanded to include:

  • Two manufacturing operations in Xiamen — one for mainland China, and one for export to Japan, South Korea and Hong Kong;
  • An enterprise command center, also in Xiamen, to provide rapid support services to customers with large computer networks;
  • global design center in Shanghai, one of Dell's largest such centers outside the United States, and;
  • A sales and support center in Dalian for customers in Japan and South Korea.

Dell's economic presence in China is significant. Last year the company purchased about US$18 billion in technology components and related products from supplier partners in China-more than any other computer-systems company. Dell expects that number to grow to US$23 billion this year. Based on projections from a 2005 Peking University study, the company estimates its spending in the country this year to contribute more than US$50 billion to China's gross domestic product and support more than two million jobs.

Dell's contributions to China are not only economic. In 2007, Dell employees volunteered more than 7,000 hours and the company donated RMB 5 million to charities in the country and to promote the informatization of the country.

The learning center and green initiatives in China announced by our Chairman and CEO are just the latest examples of myriad programs in countries worldwide that have earned Dell repeated recognition for its social responsibility and are the beginning of the celebration of our 10th anniversary in China.

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· 两家位于厦门的制造工厂,一家面向中国大陆市场,另一家出口到日本、韩国和中国香港地区;

· 企业服务指挥中心,同样位于厦门,负责为拥有大规模计算机网络的客户提供快速支持服务;

· 位于上海的中国设计中心,是戴尔在美国之外的全球最大的产品设计中心之一;

· 位于大连的戴尔国际服务中心,负责为日本和韩国客户提供服务。





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