Dell Data Protection – Accelerating IT Transformation from Edge to Core to Cloud

With more than 140,000 employees serving customers worldwide, Dell Technologies is helping organizations accelerate innovation and make the most of their investments in virtualization. Many times, outdated technology and the need to keep pace with competitors are driving forces for customers to connect with us.

As we head to VMworld Europe, Data Protection is recognized as one of the 5 key pillars in VMware’s multi-cloud strategy (Build, Run, Manage, Connect, Protect). Based on industry success, proven agility and resiliency, Dell Data Protection is a preferred choice to offer best in class data protection solutions with deep integration into the VMware suite of capabilities. Organizations choose Dell and VMware for a multitude of reasons, including a differentiated data protection solution. In the stories that follow, you’ll hear why our customers find Dell to be a reliable, innovative and easy to manage solution for data protection.

Chorley Council

Chorley Council, a local government serving 110,000 residents in the U.K., had outdated technology standing in the way of making vital government services available to citizens anytime. To accelerate its digital transformation, they pursued an end-to-end, cloud-based data protection solution with Dell, VMware and AWS.

“With Dell, VMware and AWS, we’ve completed a significant IT transformation, eliminated our DR site and improved the lives of residents. That adds up to substantial cost savings related to heating, cooling and rent and hopefully makes for a happier society.”

The first step was replacing an aging NetApp environment. Emma Marshall, ICT and Programme Manager, Chorley Council, explains, “We considered HP, Veaam and Rubrik, but Dell Data Protection was the only solution that checked off all the boxes for our digital transformation to enhance government services and lower service delivery costs. Dell was the most cost-effective and scored the highest for availability, quality and ease of use.”

Dell Data Protection solutions provide Chorley with data deduplication, backup, recovery and replication to AWS cloud storage. Chorley uses Dell Data Protection Software, Data Domain Virtual Edition and Data Domain Boost to back up approximately 80 VMware virtual servers and Citrix virtual desktops to on-site Dell Data Domain appliances. Dell Cloud Disaster Recovery (Cloud DR) software replicates Chorley’s backups to AWS.

With increased digital usage, Chorley’s data requirements are expected to double in five years. Marshall reflects, “We’re one of the only local governments in the U.K. to embrace digital, cloud-based transformation. Dell Data Protection provides us with the scalability, reliability and agility to execute this strategy with confidence and meet the evolving needs of our community.”

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RG System

RG System, the software developer of a leading SaaS ITSM solution on the French IT Management market, is part of the French Septeo group, which comprises 12 different and complementary companies providing digital business services. The group represents 850 staff and 10,000 clients and the new RG System office will also serve as a platform for the internationalization of some of the Septeo groups other services into the North American market.

RG System serves three customers: 75% are managed services business (MSBs) using their solution to deliver business continuity to their customer; second is software publisher, ISV, using their solution to deliver business connectivity to their customer; the last one is the integrators, using RG as a value-add to their business model. With a customer-first approach, RG System’s need for business continuity and infrastructure availability, as well as a complex hybrid cloud environment, requires a backup and recovery solution that can manage a complex infrastructure.

Gregory Caldera, CEO of RG System, said, “The most critical challenge for us was that the solution needed to work with our entire environment. The solution needs to be compatible with all solutions in our environment as well as our customer environments and the software needs to be able to back up all types of infrastructures including client or server, physical or virtual, especially VMware.”

And that’s exactly why they chose Dell.

Dell helped RG System reduce backup times by 95%. With their previous solution it took more than 28 days to organize the first backup. With RG Systems and Dell data protection, they reduced this time to 44 hours for the first backup. The daily backup took around eight hours with their previous solution and with Dell, it only takes 25 minutes to organize the daily backup.

Caldera noted, “One of the main advantages to using Dell Data Protection Software with Data Domain hardware is that it provides our customers with a unified interface and one unique solution, along with superior deduplication rates from a powerful solution.” Listen to this full story:


ACP is one of the leading IT providers in Germany and Austria, serving companies, authorities and organizations of all sizes. In their experience, IT has changed massively, and organizations are dealing with a trend toward IT transformation and digitization.

The massive growth in data over recent years has been a major concern for ACP and their customers. With increasing data growth, the demands on security and on data protection measures are increasing. As a longtime partner of Dell, ACP has been dealing with enterprise solutions in the storage environment for many years. This includes the data protection solutions, including numerous Data Domain installations and the Data Protection Software portfolio.

Dirk Witje, an ACP board member in Germany, shared, “We now have many customers that we have equipped with a data protection solution from Dell. At the beginning of this year, we equipped one of our larger customers – a pharmaceutical company with 40 locations and 7,000 employees internationally – with the Integrated Data Protection Appliance.”

IDPA DP4400 8-24TB

The Dell Integrated Data Protection Appliance (IDPA) is an easy-to-install converged solution that is cloud-ready and offers complete backup, replication, recovery, deduplication, instant access and restore, all in a single appliance.

Listen to the full story here.

 What’s Next?

With Dell Data Protection, the future is bright. Our customers have spoken and it’s clear that a trusted data protection solution is essential. With Dell and VMware’s integration and easy to use solution, many organizations globally have seen a multitude of benefits. Adopting a dependable solution for data protection helped these organizations understand the value of their data to realize future growth, reduced costs and IT transformation.

Want to discover more ways our customers are benefiting from the integration between Dell and VMware? Visit with us at VMworld Europe in Booth D401 or check out these additional resources:

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