@DellOutlet Sneaks Past 1 Million Followers

DellOutlet This kinda snuck up on me. A while back, @DellOutlet quietly surpassed the 1 million follower mark on Twitter. Right now, it’s in the Global Top 100 ranking in at #83. It’s good to be in the company of other brands like @Google, @WholeFoods, @Zappos, @JetBlue and more. Regular Direct2Dell readers know that we’ve blogged a lot about @DellOutlet and the $3M in related sales its earned since 2007. Most folks also know that I attribute much of its success to @StefanieatDell and how she consistently responds to @DellOutlet inquiries from its followers. Stefanie and her team were also the ones that thought @DellOutlet through in the early days. That’s why today it’s still of the best examples of a team that started with a clear objective in mind and have done well on the execution side to reach that objective.

While @DellOutlet continues to be Dell’s breakout property on Twitter, we have many other Dell properties on Twitter as well. Visit www.dell.com/twitter to see what I’m talking about. Dell as a company has historically used Twitter to share news and information about Dell (think RSS feeds for blog properties like @Direct2Dell), to provide support for customers who need it (folks like me and BradatDell and many others) or to sell Dell products and services to customers (@DellOutlet and @DellHomeOffers). There’s also hybrid properties like @Digital_Nomads and @Dell_Mini that are supported by more than one person. Beyond that, we have lots of Dell employees who connect with customers through Twitter.

It’s not all good though—add it all up and it gets pretty confusing to customers. No question there’s lots of room for us to centralize some stuff and to streamline our Twitter strategy. We’re working toward doing just that. One of the first things you’ll see is a redesigned version of the Dell.com/Twitter page that will be coming soon. We also hope to expand it to include an employee page to give you a better sense for who from Dell is online. Lots of work to do, but I wanted to let you know that it’s in the works.

Thanks to all our customers who connect with Dell through Twitter in places like @DellOutlet and beyond. More on the broader topic coming soon.

In regards to @DellOutlet, congrats to @StefanieatDell and others who continue to make it work.

About the Author: Lionel Menchaca