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You’ve told us here on IdeaStorm that you want style, self expression, and services to make your Dell experience more personal, more meaningful… and easier. And so we’ve been hard at work using your feedback to improve the design of our consumer notebooks and desktops. And certainly, we’ve done that with our new line of feature-packed and eye-catching consumer systems unveiled today.

Many in the community have posted their design ideas and comments to the “Design & Form Factor” idea since it was submitted on February 16, the day of IdeaStorm’s launch. But we also received a large volume of more specific ideas for improvements – and some of the most highly-promoted ideas included requests for an integrated notebook webcam and microphone, a fingerprint reader option for more security, notebook color choices, a notebook LED backlight display option, and a full-size keyboard with numeric keypad on 17-inch notebooks.

Each of these top design ideas is featured in today’s product launch. While a few of these features had been planned before IdeaStorm launched based on your ongoing feedback on Direct2Dell and the Dell Community Forums, plenty of your ideas came in just in time to be incorporated into our latest and greatest line-up of consumer notebooks and desktops – and now yours is here.

With so many new features in our new consumer models, we simply couldn’t cover them all here. But you can read all about them on a series of blog posts and vlogs today on Direct2Dell – including details about our eye-catching Inspiron notebooks in eight different colors, the new Inspiron desktop line and the XPS M1330, our super thin 13-inch notebook.

Thanks for continuing to share your ideas with us. We have product teams devoted entirely to developing new consumer models for you, and we’ll back in the fall with more products based on your feedback… so keep the ideas coming in!

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