Desktop-Like 3D Performance That Fits in Your Carry-on

One of the best parts of my job is traveling and meeting face to face with AMD’s business partners and customers. Traveling from place to place and between the myriad trade shows we attend allows me to see AMD hardware in action outside of the lab and in end users’ everyday environments.

But with the hassle of ever-growing airport security lines, luggage limits, and the infamous last minute trips I’ve had revaluate what products, demos and equipment I take with me on the road—and needless to say it isn’t much. No matter what I decide, I find myself constantly asking the same few questions: is what I need to bring portable enough to travel with? Will it survive the trip? Will it help me accomplish the task at hand? Although it’s sometimes difficult to pack light, I’ve realized that by reducing the complexity and bulk of my load, I’ve Precisionactually increased by efficiency and productivity as a traveler.

Based on recent conversations with colleagues and customers, I’ve found that my thinking is certainly a ubiquitous theme in many professionals’ lives. These on-the go professionals are not willing to compromise their creative integrity to save a model here or an extra pixel there. However, in the same regard, these professionals cannot afford to haul around an entourage of equipment when meeting with clients. These professionals need a portable, yet dependable system to take with them on the road.

47097A_ATI_FirePro_Graphics_HD4830_Ang_Img0478Enter the Dell Precision M6400 Mobile Workstation. This light-weight workstation, which is powered by the new ATI FireProTM M7740 graphics card, brings desktop-like performance and power to a mobile footprint, which means professionals get the maximum performance and multi-tasking capabilities that’s needed in just 10 lbs of chassis (goodbye 40 lbs. workstations of yesteryear!).

For folks in Digital Content Creation (DCC), CAD, and engineering fields, a mobile workstation means a new found freedom to go beyond the confines of their cubicle and take their creations straight to their customers’ doorsteps. More importantly, however, is the fact that they can rely upon these systems to work quickly and easily, with minimal wait time when working with complex models or data sets, ultimately helping to boost productivity and efficiency. You never think twice about bringing your trusty old laptop with you on the go, why should you have to think twice about bringing your workstation?

Although we cannot control those last minute business trips or lines at the airport, as professionals, we can exercise control over the tools we choose to support our livelihood. For many professionals, peace of mind is knowing that they have a single, satisfying, and powerful portable solution at their fingertips that’s not only going to enable them to achieve the tasks at hand, but also won’t weigh down the suitcase.

About the Author: Janet Matsuda