Digital is in the DNA at Dell World 2015

Digital has always been in the DNA of Dell. Be it online commerce, social media or analytics, we have always been early adopters. It is therefore not surprising that Dell World 2015 offers numerous opportunities to discuss and share ideas on elements integral to digital, including Cloud, Big Data, Mobility and the Internet of Things.

The core philosophy of Dell Digital Business Services is that the latest cycle of business transformation is driven by digital. In addition to customer experience, the concept of digital also includes building new business models, creating new opportunities for employee engagement and providing an organization with exceptional operational capabilities. This is where the idea of digital transformation comes in. Digital transformation is an immensely powerful business enabler.

At Dell Digital Business Services, we believe that applying a business-first approach to digital transformation helps generate higher revenues as compared to a technology-first approach. We focus on building a strategic roadmap for digital that is aligned with an organization’s business goal, followed by execution of the digital technology initiatives.

In order to take our customers through this comprehensive journey, we have struck strategic partnerships across the digital ecosystem. In correlation to the business-first approach, I want to highlight the academic partnership with MIT on the “Initiative on Digital Economy” that our team has forged. During the Executive Summit at Dell World, George Westerman, principal research scientist with the MIT Sloan Initiative, and I will be a part of and interactive session titled, “Taking a Business First Approach to Digital Transformation.”

We will be discussing topics related to enabling the digital enterprise, incuding:

•          Who is leading digital and why

•          Leadership traits and organization structures for success digital transformation

•          Best practices and common roadblocks to transformation

•          How digital transformation can elevate the role of IT

Apart from the discussing the regarding research findings by George, attendees will also receive a signed copy of his book, a guide to thriving in the digitally powered global economy, Leading Digital: Turning Technology into Business Transformation.

In addition to the  session on digital transformation, Digital Business Services is also showcasing some interactive demos, including Analytics as a Service, Digital API, Omni Channel and High Speed Digital IT on the Expo floor.

I am really excited about Dell World 2015 and will keep you posted on my experiences at the conference through subsequent posts and through my twitter handle @raman_sapra

About the Author: Raman Sapra