Digital Partnerships Are the Key to Success in Digital Age

The digital age has the capability to cause significant shifts in the technology industry, and it is already having an impact on business performance and customer experience. Organizations today are building robust digital partnerships and starting on digital journeys.

Digital is the next wave in business transformation, and I believe in taking a business-first approach supported by the right partners is the key to success. Keeping this in mind at Dell Digital Business Services we have taken efforts to identify and seek the right partnerships — both strategic and unconventional — to deliver digital services to our customers.

We recently partnered with Pega, and used their distinctive technology to build our Digital Orchestrator solution.

The Digital Orchestrator enables enterprises to realize their digital transformation goals through accelerated customer experience, process re-design and new business model prototypes. The solution also helps business align IT to digital priorities and achieve the velocity required for market disruption. Dell Digital Business Services will be showcasing this innovation at Pegaworld 2016, June 5 – 8, with industry use cases, digital playbooks and processes.

Similarly, we have also formed a strategic partnership with ThingWorx to enhance our Internet of Things (IoT) solutions, Dell Digital Business Services believes the IoT is the next frontier of the digital revolution. For me, the IoT is more than just the connectivity of smart devices for the convenience of users. Sensors are used to capture fine-grained, precise data that can be analyzed in real-time to improve business processes and lead to action. Particularly, IoT services strongly address various industries, such as connected insurance and connected health, by leveraging diverse, cross-vertical solution accelerators. Each of these solution accelerators is an ecosystem of business use cases with modules built out to implement IoT solutions.

For instance, our Insurance IoT Accelerator is equipped with sensors that send data in real time for further analysis. After integrating these sensors with insurance carriers’ enterprise systems, (such as policy administration, underwriting and claims processing) an insurer can design dynamic policies and alert home owners or insurance companies of notifiable events or emergencies. We’ll be showcasing a few industry demos using the ThingWorx platform at LiveWorx 2016, June 6 – 9. Burk Buechler, our Global Head for IoT Services, will also be discussing the role of the IoT in digital transformation.

Business is undergoing rapid and continuous change, especially in this digital era. In order to remain competitive, business leaders will need to recognize and adhere to various trends in digital. At Dell Digital Business Services, we think building strategic partnerships with IoT organizations is a viable path to success.  

About the Author: Raman Sapra