Hybrid Cloud Meets Mid-Sized Enterprise

Digital transformation is affecting every organization, not just the largest.  That’s why we formed the Catalyst Alliance with Dimension Data—to jointly define and market new solutions that will make it easier for mid-sized enterprises to adopt and manage hybrid IT, and simplify their transition to cloud computing.

The Catalyst Alliance will deliver comprehensive offerings spanning private, public, and hybrid cloud.  Mid-size customers are looking for enterprise-class services to help them compete, without breaking the bank. They want all the IT innovation they can get. EMC and Dimension Data will offer a jointly developed portfolio of the latest large-enterprise-class offerings, packaged and priced for mid-sized enterprises.

The Catalyst Alliance will help customers adopt the right solution by coupling market-specific knowledge with vertical experience. This is one of the reasons I’m so enthusiastic about Catalyst—together, EMC and Dimension Data can better solve their challenges through a combination of Dimension Data’s operational and industry-specific expertise, underpinned by world-class EMDDC technologies.

Stephen Smith, CTO of Lennar Corporation, sums it up by saying that “the EMC and Dimension Data Catalyst Alliance is a great example of vendors partnering and working together to create and deliver additional value to our company.”

Mid-sized enterprises fight to be competitive, while operating in an environment of accelerated change. They need on-demand services to be made available across their departments and lines of business. Through the Catalyst Alliance, they will be able to maintain an OpEx-centric approach to IT, as they transition to the EMC Federation Hybrid Cloud, for example, with a solution designed to meet their budget and business process needs.

Dimension Data will offer a broad selection of managed services designed for simplified access and configuration, and tailored for mid-market utility pricing and service levels.  Customers will benefit from on-demand, bullet-proofed offerings, on a subscription basis, while seamlessly getting the best technologies and services EMC and Dimension Data have to offer, to drive productivity and business innovation across their organizations and around the globe.

About the Author: David Trigg

David Trigg is the Global Vice President of Market Development within the Telecom Systems Business. In this role, Mr. Trigg is responsible for driving a modern telco ecosystem, working with partners and leading a team to drive telecom cloud transformations within Dell’s top telco customers. Mr. Trigg has nearly two decades of corporate management experience within telecom and IT organizations. He has been at Dell Technologies (EMC) for nearly 10 years and help start and run the Cloud Service Provider business. Prior to joining Dell Technologies, he held several leadership roles at Qwest/CenturyLink, a $20 billion telecommunications company located in the United States. Most recently, Mr. Trigg was responsible for running Qwest’s hosting and application services business. Prior to this role, he was responsible for the business unit strategy for the Business Markets Group, a $4 billion enterprise division within Qwest. While at his tenure at Qwest/ CenturyLink, Mr. Trigg also held key leadership roles within the product, operations, and sales organizations. Prior to Qwest/CenturyLink, Mr. Trigg held several leadership roles in sales, sales engineering, product management and product development in several high technology companies. Mr. Trigg graduated from University of Colorado with a B.S. in Business Administration. He currently resides in Colorado with his wife and two teenage boys. He enjoys skiing and golf and spending time with his family.