Direct2Dell Launches in Japan

Here's a great opportunity for our Japanese Small Businesses customers or our readers who speak Japanese: 

Japanese is the largest blogging language on the planet (Technorati’s State of Live Web 2007 report) and now is available in a Direct2Dell blog.

D2D Japan will be managed locally in Kawasaki, Japan, by Kiwako Suzuki. Kiwako is a newly seasoned member of Dell’s social media team. With Kiwako firmly planted in Japanese culture and exposed to Dell Japan operations, she will be blogging on Dell topics, local events and engage Japanese bloggers to join Dell Japan’s social media.

Our goal with Japan D2D is same as all of our blogs – to foster a relationship and communicate with our readers on Dell news, product information, industry trends & Dells involvement in global community.

About the Author: Kelly Curnow