Discover All the Benefits of a Dynamic IT Infrastructure

Introduce customers to new PowerEdge MX with kinetic infrastructure that will adapt and grow with their business

Infrastructure architecture is increasingly important in today’s digital economy. As transformational workloads drive demand for new technologies, an organization’s IT infrastructure needs to be able to adapt to accommodate evolving workloads, technologies, ecosystems and value propositions.

Traditional IT architectures simply weren’t designed for modern business and service delivery needs—so Dell has introduced the concept of kinetic infrastructure

Introducing kinetic infrastructure

We know that you can’t predict the future, but you can plan for it. It’s why we’ve created a dynamic IT infrastructure that instantly responds, adapts and evolves with shifting IT needs.

Dell kinetic infrastructure disaggregates compute, storage and networking resources into shared resource pools that are then available for on-demand allocation and re-allocation. High-speed, low-latency fabric connects the pools and intelligent management software configures the network to connect components and assign resources to where they are needed, when they are needed.

Using kinetic infrastructure, your customers can dynamically adjust their IT resources as their business needs fluctuate—assigning the right resources for the right workload at the right time. Creating ‘on the fly’ hardware capacity in this way reduces over-provisioning and stranded resources while also optimizing performance and efficiency.

> View these short-animated videos to see how it works

Dell PowerEdge MX: Agile Management

Dell PowerEdge MX: Next-Gen Networking

PowerEdge MX: IT unbound

Kinetic infrastructure is available with the new Dell PowerEdge MX modular infrastructure.

PowerEdge MX introduces the idea of ‘IT unbound’. A modular solution designed to grow and evolve with the modern software-defined data center, it allows organizations of all sizes to flexibly configure and optimize their IT infrastructure to run both traditional and transformational workloads for years to come.

PowerEdge MX offers customers the benefits of modular design and then extends the flexibility of configuration down to the individual storage device. With its future-forward design, PowerEdge MX is prepared to one day support fully disaggregated components—down to memory-centric devices, such as storage class memory, GPUs and FPGAs – for true composability.

The new components comprising the PowerEdge MX include the PowerEdge MX7000 chassis, two- and four-socket server sleds (the MX740c and MX840c) and the PowerEdge MX5016s storage sled.  The PowerEdge MX also provides next-generation 25GbE and 32G FC high-performance switching modules and a cost-effective scalable fabric architecture. The new MX9116n Fabric Switching Engine provides up to 500% more switch fabric capacity and up to 55% reduction in fabric switching latency versus legacy modular switches1. Comprehensive embedded systems management, Dell OpenManage Enterprise – Modular Edition, provides a single management point for compute, storage and networking.

Flexible, agile, responsive

PowerEdge MX kinetic infrastructure gives customers the tools to be able to allocate the stranded resources that they experience even with virtualization, while also enabling them to grow and expand over the next decade.

As a Dell partner, this is a fantastic selling point for you. Dell kinetic infrastructure uses open source technology based on the Restful API, so you can help your customers to grow seamlessly, with fewer steps and easier deployments—while nurturing a trusted, long-term relationship. You can also add value via the provision of an ongoing consulting and services offer, either through Dell or by deploying your own expertise.

The final tick in the box is the fact that customers can now also capitalize on the promise of a ‘pay as you go’ model of IT. With Dell Financial Service’s Pay As You Grow offer organizations can reduce the required capital expenditure at the start of a project, while still taking advantage of the full solution from the outset. Meanwhile, you get the benefit of residual value and ongoing customer loyalty. It’s a win:win and it’s the way forward.

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1Based on Dell internal analysis, November 2017 comparing to previous generation.

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