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Learn how three compelling events will help you drive customer conversations around the need to modernize their Microsoft application environments.

Have you investigated the key reasons why you should be embracing and driving customer conversations around new Dell EMC Microsoft Solutions? We’ve now produced a full suite of training and sales enablement materials to help you get up to speed.

There are three compelling events that will invariably help you drive business opportunities:

  1. Cloud strategy as an essential aspect of Modernized Infrastructure

Every one of your customers is considering how the cloud can help their business, and many have already moved some applications and development activities onto Microsoft Azure Public. However, many (if not most) Microsoft Azure Public users are actually looking for a hybrid cloud option – because of data gravity or application alignment.

You can help them as they begin to work with the Microsoft Azure stack. How? By introducing them to Dell EMC VxRack AS for Microsoft Azure Stack, which brings the cloud to the workload, delivering infrastructure and platform as a service with a consistent Azure experience – both on-premises and in the public cloud.

Proactively driving the dialog around optimizing development environments in a hybrid cloud model leads to logical conversations around the customer’s on-premise infrastructure status, as well as the key business applications, such as Microsoft SQL.

It’s a compelling conversation and provides an excellent pivot point for further discussions around modernization and migration.

  1. Hyper-converged infrastructure helps drive tangible operational benefits

Are your customers using hyper-converged infrastructure (HCI) yet? With approximately >60% CAGR through 2019, HCI is not just a trend – it’s a phenomenon. Customers are realizing tremendous operational and performance benefits from hyper-convergence, and Dell EMC has the industry’s broadest HCI portfolio.

Our Solutions for Microsoft Windows Server Software Defined (WSSD) / Storage Spaces Direct (S2D) deliver all the performance capabilities of Microsoft’s unique HCI design, with additional one-stop support – from the hardware, all the way to the software stack.

What’s more, with the added cost benefit of free inclusion with Windows Datacenter Edition licenses, S2D eliminates the investment considerations – making it the perfect solution for customers who have already embraced Microsoft business applications, and a great recommendation for you to suggest to customers who haven’t yet tried it.

  1. The SQL Server 2008 end of support opportunity can accelerate application migrations

Microsoft SQL is the most widely deployed database management solution on the market – approximately 3 times more broadly deployed than all other DBMS combined. So your customer’s SQL environment status should always be a topic of conversation.

This is a major, compelling event – it affects 90% of organizations currently running SQL and is a massive opportunity for you as it will force many organizations to migrate to the latest version.

You can provide significant business value by helping customers migrate to modernized infrastructure, with a modern operating system running on modern hardware and the most recent version of Microsoft SQL Server.

Become a trusted advisor for the entire Microsoft data estate

Whether they’re on their journey to Microsoft Azure cloud utilization, reaping the benefits of HCI modernization via Microsoft WSSD/S2D, or leveraging the enhanced data analytics and expanded business benefits delivered by Microsoft SQL, the Dell EMC Microsoft Solutions portfolio addresses your customer’s entire Microsoft data estate.

These new pre-tested, pre-validated and fully certified Solutions help you support your customers on their journey towards Modernized Infrastructure, while also positioning you as a trusted advisor for optimal migrations and integrations.

The above events will necessitate new infrastructure to support the core Microsoft applications. As a Dell EMC partner, you’re ideally positioned to guide your customers through their options, arriving at an optimized solution that’s specifically designed to deliver maximum operational and performance value.

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Topics in this article