Discussion on Enterprise Cloud Computing with Krishnan Subramanian, a GigaOM analyst and co-founder of CloudAve

From time to time on my weekly cloud blog posts, I will reach out to experts in the industry to give a broad perspective on the cloud marketplace including trends to watch for. If you have any contacts you wish me to speak with for blog posts, please let me know at @SpectorAtDell or stephen_spector@dell.com.

Joining us today for a ten minute discussion on Enterprise Cloud computing and trends for 2012 is Krishnan Subramanian, a GigaOM analyst and co-founder of CloudAve. Krishnan’s bio information is below in this blog post.

Time References:

  • 0.0: Tell us a little bit about yourself
  • 50.0: What are your thoughts on Public vs Private clouds for the Enterprise?
  • 2.23.0: Does Enterprise IT know that their company probably is already using public clouds (similar to open source story)?
  • 4.04.0: Are Enterprise IT departments ready to move into the Public clouds?  
  • 5.11.0: Do you think that Enterprise is more interested in PaaS than IaaS?
  • 7:35.0: What key trends should we watch for in 2012?

On Jan 26 2011, Krishnan will be hosting a Tweet Chat on Cloud Computing in coordination with Dell and Trend Micro. In this tweet chat, we will be covering the following topics with a focus on Small and Medium Businesses (SMB).

  1. Journey into the cloud from the perspective of a small and/or midsize business owner
  2. Types of cloud computing and how the options affect small business owners
  3. Benefits of utilizing the cloud
  4. Common questions and concerns about transitioning to the cloud/utilizing the cloud as a small business owner
  5. Securing your business on the cloud – the ins and outs of having proper security measures in place
  6. Cloud computing continuing to be a trend in 2012 as more businesses look to utilize. What small and midsize business owners watch for in terms of cloud trends and/or advances?

The chat will start exactly at 1:00 PM Central Time and will go on for one hour. Towards the end of the tweet chat, Dell is giving away Dell Vostro 3550 loaded with Trend Micro Security Solutions. We will give more information on the giveaway during the tweet chat.

For more details, go to http://krishworld.com/general/tweetchat-on-cloud-computing

Krish is an analyst and researcher focused on high impact topics in the areas such as Cloud Computing, Open Source and the interface between them. Krish also evangelizes Open Source and Cloud Computing on various media outlets, public speaking and blogs. Krish is part of a boutique analyst firm that offers strategic advise to both Cloud Computing and Open Source vendors. They also help buy side businesses take advantage of Open Source and Cloud Computing. More information about Krish and his research can be found in his personal website. Krish’s disclosure statement is available here.

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