OEM Case Study: Do you want to improve the delivery times of your appliance solution? Are you looking at targeting new markets in 2012?

WhiteBearSolutions (WBSgo) wanted to improve customer services by reducing delivery times for its IT appliances by 50%. They also looked to provide responsive support to clients worldwide.

WhiteBearSolutions is a Spanish IT company that develops appliance and open source solutions for a wide range of companies. Launched in 2003, the company has two main products − Wiam, a security solution for identity and access management, and WBSAirback, a unified system for managing and protecting data. Both products are built on Dell PowerEdge servers and branded with the WBS brand. The 1U server bezel below shows the WBSAirback server front. WhiteBearSolutions also have an interesting business model based on offering TCO savings to their customers. Their appliance solution pricing is a package price with no annual, recurring software license fees.

We recently completed a case study with WBS. What I found very interesting was, just how important delivery times are to achieve the best possible customer service to your end-user customers in order to compete in the IT appliances market. A big part of a company’s competitive advantage can be based on their speed of delivery. In the case study, Ignacio Gilart Iglesias, Co-Founder of WhiteBearSolutions, stated: “We can respond quicker to new business opportunities with our Dell OEM Solution, giving us a highly competitive solution.”

Some interesting statistics from the case study show WhiteBearSolutions was able to:

  • reduce their lead times by 50% when working with Dell OEM,
  • the resource utilization for product development is up 30% and
  • their appliance customers are gaining 10 times greater appliance performance with the Dell PowerEdge series of servers.

To me the case study also highlighted the importance of being able to brand your appliance product when you are looking to grow your market share and target new geographical markets. Another key advantage of working with a global, tier 1 OEM supplier like Dell is regulatory compliance assistance and global support. “We can develop new markets worldwide with total peace of mind, knowing that Dell OEM Solutions will help us with support and regulatory requirements”, said Gilart.

Click here to read the full case study. Let us know how you could use this custom OEM solution for your business. We'd love to collaborate with you on your ideas.

About the Author: Piia Lawlor