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EMC has long recognized service & support as the most important criteria that customers use when selecting a storage vendor or solution.  Since our inception, we have focused on growing a world class service organization.  To continue to provide a high level of service & support to our customers as we expand quickly into the enterprise cloud and big data spaces, we have evolved our practices to deliver a more proactive and connected experience.  This connected experience is based on two key principles; providing data-driven service & support and providing the right resource at the right time.


Data-driven Service & Support

Data-driven service & support embodies two key elements.  First, customers expect to have deep, real-time visibility into the health and wellness of their EMC environment — analysis of code levels, connectivity status, capacity alerts, service activity by site, and more.  We enable ourselves and our customers by arming them with the knowledge they need to manage and deflect potential issues and to make objective, informed decisions through easy-to-consume actionable intelligence.  Second, this data-driven approach to continuous improvement has led to tangible advancements in maintenance tasks for EMC storage solutions.

Right Resource at the Right Time

EMC’s Customer Service is, and always has been, really good at supporting products for our customers. Now, we are focusing on solutions which allow us to accommodate the complicated and ever changing needs of our customers.  This requires transforming the EMC customer experience in a more solution centric, personalized way.  To accommodate this personalized support and modernized customer experience, we identify the right resource(s) through product specialization matching, and through matching the best set of skills to requirements. Big Data and advanced analytics’ techniques facilitate this solution to skills matching and intelligent collaboration.

EMC Secure Remote Services (ESRS)

The two principles of proactive data-driven service & support and the right resource at the right time foundationally assume that both EMC and the customer have broad real-time visibility into the customer’s EMC environment. Transforming the customer’s connected experience is facilitated through EMC Secure Remote Services (ESRS).  ESRS is a highly secure two-way remote connection between EMC Customer Service and customer EMC products and solutions, available with Enhanced or Premium warranties and maintenance agreements at no additional cost.

Here are some examples of how ESRS enables a proactive services experience:


  • ESRS enables EMC to deliver customized recommendations, alerts, and advice through the EMC Online Support site. By clicking “MyService360” within the EMC Online Support site, you can access a real-time 360o dashboard view of your EMC environment. This dashboard includes detailed reporting capabilities as well as proactive alerts and notifications.
  • Real-time technical and performance information from ESRS connectivity is synthesized through EMC’s internal Big Data environment, providing detailed information on topics such as capacity and code levels, as well as trend data and predictive analytics.
  • Real-time usage Intelligence is a capability included with ESRS that enables the seamless collection, aggregation and analysis of software usage and entitlement data for EMC Customers. Usage Intelligence improves license management by helping customers redeploy underused licenses, allows EMC to recommend customized consumption models, and enables the future prediction of software license needs so that budgets are created and managed with greater accuracy.

For further information on ESRS and getting connected, please visit EMC Online Support or contact your EMC Customer Service or Sales representative.

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