Drive Efficiencies Through Hybrid Storage Arrays

It’s always important to provide examples of how specific storage solutions can be utilized in an OEM environment.  My last post covered reasons why our OEM community might want to consider adding storage but this blog dives deeper into one particular product/technology.

 The EqualLogic PS6100XSis a hybrid storage array with focused, tiered workloads, packed into just 2U of rack space.  In EqualLogic-speak, that means it has 24 drives, some of which are solid state (SSD) and some of which are traditional spinning media (SAS).  What’s special is that within this single array of drives, the EqualLogic firmware knows how to look at a volume and move busy parts to SSDs, while leaving the less-accessed parts on SAS drives.  This occurs without administrator intervention, and without any alterations to the applications.

Read my full blog post (or click on the image below) to learn exactly how particular OEMs especially with OLTP databases benefit from this type of tiering:


About the Author: Sheryl Koenigsberg