Drive Informed, Urgent Action to Get the Most from Your Big Data, Cloud Integration & Business Analytics

In recent months, my colleagues in Dell Software’s Information Management Group—Matt Wolken, Darin Bartik and Chris McNabb—have shared their thoughts and advice on how organizations today can benefit from pragmatic Big Data, cloud integration and business analytics solutions. There’s a common thread to their discussions that resonates strongly with me, and that’s the importance of arming yourself with the right tools for the job and then forging ahead with purpose and intensity.

As I mentioned in a recent article in Business Insider, business is a contact sport. That’s why I encourage customers to get started today on engaging early and moving forward. Whatever it is, do it now. Right now, if you can. Don’t wait one more moment.

This is the advice I would share with anybody who wants to see success in their future. After two decades in the fast-paced world of managing technology businesses, I can say that the single most important takeaway is to be constantly driving action.

You will make mistakes, but most mistakes can be resolved relatively quickly and easily when they’ve been recognized. Plus, mistakes are where you’ll gain experience. In stark contrast, not making a decision or waiting for things to align perfectly before pushing forward allows for no progress. With no progress, failure is assured.

I’m not saying don’t take time to consider your best option. Look at all of the data available or take sage advice from experienced colleagues and experts who already have been down the path you want to tread. But don’t over-analyze or fear failure. I have seen too many great people with potential blockbuster business ideas that never see the light of day because they couldn’t pull the trigger.

In my current role running marketing and evangelizing the information management domain for Dell Software, I am responsible for a tool chain that enables organizations to manage, integrate and ultimately leverage data to make smarter business decisions. Our tools are world-class in their capability to support this effort, but at the end of the day, if our users aren’t executing on the information that our tools provide, they will completely miss the boat.

The whole purpose of the tooling and potential for return on investment in information management, business intelligence and analytics is driving informed, urgent action. Taking the predictions and data points found within the information set and making more informed decisions is the potential benefit, but it only can be realized if the final and most important piece of the puzzle is present: the execution.

A great example of a company’s ability to execute successfully is Polyform U.S. Ltd. There was a time when this leading manufacturer of marine products had problems keeping up with the deluge of orders for its buoys, fenders and mooring accessories. The company embraced leading-edge technologies and methodologies, chose the proper analytics solution and most importantly, took action.

As a result, this Dell Software customer now can access, connect and visualize any type of data for a global view of every aspect that goes into making and marketing its products. Now, the previous peaks and valleys in Polyform’s inventory and manufacturing forecasts have been replaced by a predictable, real-time forecast that has proven 95 percent accurate.

My advice: develop a preference for action. Bring your intellect and experience to bear, of course; be informed with Big Data analytics and business intelligence software, certainly. Regularly seek wise advice, without a doubt; but most importantly, act. If you are a manager, drive action constantly and incorporate it into your culture. An action-oriented and disciplined team culture is at the core of a great organization.

Successful execution, not ideas, ultimately wins. Remember: great ideas are surprisingly common; great execution is exceptional. Do you have a great idea but need some help with the tools and execution? If so, send me an email at  or chat with me on Twitter at @alertsource

About the Author: John Whittaker