Drivers & Downloads Enhancements

Many of you have asked for updates to the Drivers & Downloads application on In an effort to implement some of the changes you asked for, we recently completed a global launch of a number of new enhancements that addresses many of the issues you’ve highlighted.

The enhancements to the application include:

Drivers by tag

This new functionality provides you with the ability to get tag specific drivers and software updates based off the ‘As Shipped’ configuration of your system. This will result in a significant reduction in the number of drivers displayed. Initially we are launching this functionality on a subset of Inspiron laptops with other products soon to follow in the coming weeks. Figure 1.

 Sample driver by tag

(Note: Click on images to view a larger version)

Driver details page redesign

The driver details page has been overhauled to make it easier to navigate and find information. The key changes revolve around making the most important information easily accessible as well as reducing the initial content viewed when you first come to the page. The majority of the design of this page was directly influenced by users like you. Figure 2.

 Sample details page

Addition of driver version to search results page

When you search for drivers for your system the driver version is now displayed on the main results page. This should enable you to easily compare the latest available version with that of your system.

These improvements should make searching for and downloading drivers a simpler and more efficient process and is a step forward in improving a frequently used tool. We plan to address other frequent customer requests like providing the ability to scan for driver updates. For now though, I’m confident that these recent changes will make a difference. We’ll continue our commitment to make as easy to use as possible for our customers.

Please take some time to visit your local Drivers & Downloads site and check out the changes. I look forward to your feedback. If you have ideas on how we can enhance future iterations of the Drivers & Downloads application, please let me know by responding to this post.

About the Author: Eoghan O'Sullivan