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A few years ago, if someone had told me that the time was right for start-up businesses to flourish, I may have raised an eyebrow in disbelief. With the worst economic crisis in living memory emerging in 2008, businesses were falling to their knees and the job market was struggling – a bleak outlook for the world’s economy.

However, it’s clear that entrepreneurs and small businesses have proven themselves to be the engines driving our economy. Entrepreneurs have created between 70-90 percent of net new jobs on the global stage, and over 99 percent of businesses across Europe are classed as an SME. The innovation and determination coming from these new businesses is keeping the world on the path of human progress.

Tweets from 2015  Dell Women’s Entrepreneur Network (DWEN) discussing EntrepreneursUNite

It’s in the world’s best interest that entrepreneurs everywhere can thrive and as a result, we’ve redoubled our support efforts. Dell is already working to provide entrepreneurs across EMEA with the latest devices and technologies and we understand the challenges and opportunities faced by growing businesses. For example, we’re particularly proud of our Dell Women’s Entrepreneur Network (DWEN), which connects female entrepreneurs across the world to give them the resources and confidence to fulfill their goals. Our last event in Berlin last month brought 200 inspirational female entrepreneurs together and brought home the economic, social and environmental potential that lies in each of their businesses.

In our eyes, technology is the great equalizer that will drive innovation and continue to drive job creation across Europe. We want to go further to eliminate the barriers and costs to starting a business; we want to give growing firms the chance to employ the best talent available, and we want these firms to have the funding they need to remain competitive on the global stage.

This is why all members of the Dell EMEA team are proud to get behind Dell’s new #EntrepreneursUNite movement, personally led by our own founder and CEO Michael Dell. #EntrepreneursUNite is a worldwide petition to rally support for United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 8 – to promote sustained, inclusive economic growth, full and productive employment and decent work for all. The Sustainable Development Goals are the world’s to-do list, setting international standards that will shape policy decisions at the country level. It’s a real opportunity to make a difference to billions of people across the world.

To do our part, we’ll deliver our petition to political leaders across the world in September, ahead of the UN General Assembly’s vote on the Sustainable Development Goals, and our aim is to collect 100,000 signatures in support of Goal 8. If you would like to get on board to promote job growth and economic opportunity, please go to EntrepreneursUNite.com and put your name where it counts. The world is on the cusp of change – let’s greet it together.

About the Author: Aongus Hegarty

Topics in this article