Spotlight on Greener IT: Earth Rangers

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earth rangers We’ve blogged quite a bit about how Dell technology can help your business run more efficiently and save a bundle on energy costs, but our words pale in comparison to the real life examples our customers provide.  Data centers can be notorious energy hogs, but a transition to greener IT can cut down on energy-related costs significantly while reducing your data center’s impact on the planet.  This is perhaps best illustrated by Earth Rangers, a Canadian nonprofit organization that rescues displaced wild animals and uses them as teaching tools to help children understand the impact humans can have on the environment.  Already well known for the good work they do in environmental education, Earth Rangers LEED Gold certified headquarters in Woodbridge, Ontario has the distinction of being one of the most energy-efficient buildings in Canada, consuming 79 per cent less energy than similar buildings its size.  They recently took this efficiency a step further by upgrading their IT systems with a virtualized environment through VMware virtualization software and Dell PowerEdge blade servers.  As a result, Earth Rangers was able to save a whopping 85 percent on energy costs and 90 percent on data center space, virtualizing 44 servers on just three Dell blades, all within a single enclosure.  They were even able to customize their set-up to utilize some of their data center’s extra energy to heat their building.  All this, and the upgrade will help the organization accommodate 100 percent growth.

This video explains in greater depth and how Earth Rangers was able to move their already impressive organization even closer to sustainability.

Needless to say, we are BIG fans of what they do.  Earth Rangers is not only inspiring environmental awareness in the next generation, but living by these principles themselves.  They embody the spirit of environmental leadership beautifully, and we look forward to seeing what they do next. 

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Topics in this article