Ease VDI headaches with Dell DVS Enterprise for Citrix® XenDesktop®

The prospects of controlling access to data and applications, managing BYOD and mobility while empowering users and enhancing their productivity are all pushing enterprises to adopt cloud client computing. However, deployment and management can be complex, flexibility in the choice of features and functionality isn’t always optimal, and integration with existing infrastructure and scalability over time can also become obstacles. To address these pain points, today Dell Cloud Client Computing is releasing a new version of its end-to-end VDI offering, Dell DVS Enterprise for Citrix XenDesktop, which will accelerate deployment time and enhance management and scaling while improving productivity with a rich and customizable new feature set.

Here is exactly how this new release will relieve VDI-related headaches:

  • Optimized deploy and management: Pre-tested reference architectures guide configuration processes. The new deployment scripts developed with Citrix reduce the deployment process from 11 to three steps, or about five minutes for up to 1,000 users. Dell services are also available to help you deploy and manage so you can get operational faster and get the most from your investment. You can select from a full range of available configurations customized to fit the way your organization works.
  • Scale with lowered risk and reduced costs: Organizations can start small with a proof-of-concept or trial with only two servers (plus storage and networking) for as few as 50 workers and scale seamlessly to over 50,000 – the solution scales easily from trial to full deployment with no ‘rip and replace’ required. A single infrastructure can support different user needs, from basic and mobile workers to your advanced developers. Additionally, DVS Enterprise for Citrix XenDesktop allows organizations to run up to 33% more users per server with the latest generation of Intel® Ivy Bridge® processors.
  • Flexible and open architecture: The solution is tested with Dell servers, storage and networking to help provide an optimized mix of performance and cost.The Cloud Client Computing Solution Advisor provides the optimal infrastructure component mix and the lowest cost per user based upon the customer’s requirement. However, if an organization prefers to stay with their existing infrastructure, the open architecture approach makes the solution compatible with almost any Dell server, storage or networking offering; it’s even flexible enough to be deployed into non-Dell networking and/or storage environments.
  • Rich feature set at an affordable price point: The solution starts in its most basic configuration (with internal storage) at below $200 per seat for infrastructure. Today’s release enables low-end graphics use cases through available NVIDIA virtual shared graphics (vGPU), allowing more users to affordably gain the advantages of work-station class virtualized graphics at a reasonable price. It also enhances unified communications capabilities with available support for Lync 2013 to virtually integrate voice, chat, videoconference and document sharing.

As a result of the close collaboration with Citrix, DVS Enterprise for Citrix XenDesktop can get you up and running fast, and operating with less risk and more control. And with your choice of features for the best possible user experience, you can continue to empower your increasingly mobile workforce. If you're visiting Dell World, stop by to see a demo in the Expo area, or spend some time with us at Citrix Summit, Jan 12-14 in Orlando.  

About the Author: Amy Price