ECN Ask the Expert Program – Looking to Engage at a Deeper Level

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This isn’t about Buddhism or Spirituality, Wicca or even magic. The Ask the Expert program is looking to connect, engage and unite with the ECN community at a more proactive and deeper level. Four years ago our management realized the importance of exposing our top experts to the community. Customer, partners and employees all over could finally find a central area to exchange information that matters to them and that allows them to continue doing their job and make the right decisions.

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More than 300 Ask the Expert events and over 500 subject matter experts later, the ATE program team would like to, once again, empower the audience to let us know how to serve them better. For this reason, we’re using our own system and organized an Ask the Expert: AMA – Ask Our ATE Program Manager Anything. The event will run from May 2nd – 27th and it’s intended to allow our audience to connect with us in a way that most of them are familiar with. All feedback is welcome, but ideally we would like to hear, from their experience; how we stack up against other community driven programs out there. How do we improve the quality of content or topics to let our users maximize the benefits from participating? And ultimately just listen to them speak from their heart.

New ATE Community Design

As our program continues to grow and based on the increased interest from community members on events that were held in the past, we took the liberty to upgrade our own program space. Our newly designed homepage has a modern look that is intended to be aligned with a long list of recently released ECN Product Communities. This refreshed community makes it easier for our users to find current, old and upcoming Ask the Expert threads. Our visitors can search events by keyword, product name or by selecting them from our calendar of upcoming discussions. Additionally, from time to time we’ll be featuring a fresh new list of subject matter experts, allowing members to connect with them and build relationships. Moreover, we are making it easier for the public to nominate someone who they think has what it takes to become an expert for our program. Someone who may even be an active community member that is willing to share with the community a topic that could benefit all.

Find out the latest from announcements being made during EMC World 2016, join our Virtual Ask the Expert Sessions!

All these changes are ultimately being made for the benefit of our audience. We understand the importance of having the ability to enjoy a variety of sources from where to gather technical data. The information shared on each of our events is intended to help users solve their own unique problems in a professional and friendly fashion, via a program that’s highly collaborative and globally accessible.

About the Author: Roberto Araujo

I'm a project manager in charge of the Ask the Expert program of ECN. I'm also the community manager for the Spanish Support Community.How can I help you?- Anything related on coordinating any type of Ask the Expert event- Anything related to support in Spanish- Need an introduction to a contact in Latin America or Spain? Chances are I know her or him, let me know I love connecting peopleHere is the link our main ATE site on ECN: Here is the link to our Spanish Support Community: Soy el administrador de la Comunidad EMC de Soporte en Espanol y manager del programa Pregunte al Experto (Ask the Expert) de ECN.Como te puedo ayudar?- Todo relacionado a la Comunidad en Espanol- Organizando un Pregunte al Experto, ya sea en ingles or castellano- Necesitas material en espanol? es muy posible que sepa donde puedes buscar- Quisieras conectarte con algun empleado o cliente en Latino America o Espana, preguntame derrepente yo lo/la conozca- Preguntas acerca del soporte a cualquier producto EMC, dime y vere como te puedo ayudar.Esta es la direccion de la Comunidad EMC de Soporte en Espanol: Esta el la direccion de el programa Pregunte al Experto (Ask the Expert):