Elevate the Self-Service Experience for Your Customers

Accelerate and simplify implementation of digital assistants with the Dell AI Factory with NVIDIA.

As the world embraces the transformative power of generative AI (GenAI), businesses are racing to unlock new efficiencies that could propel them ahead of the competition. One high-value use case that’s capturing the imagination of our customers is based on the age-old idea of automating routine tasks and repetitive exchanges—but with a modern, AI-fueled twist.

With this in mind, we are now offering the Dell Generative AI Solution for Digital Assistants. Announced at Dell Technologies World this week, this solution is an excellent example of the Dell AI Factory with NVIDIA in action, leveraging Dell expertise across infrastructure, software and professional services.

Aimed at elevating self-service experiences with GenAI technologies and a humanistic AI Avatar interface, this solution allows users to interact with an intelligent digital assistant through natural conversation in practically any language, at any time of day. Organizations can utilize digital assistants to automate a broad range of interactions, from simple queries to multi-step exchanges, saving time and money while freeing up valuable human resources to focus on more strategic, high-impact work. 

What Are Digital Assistants?

digital assistant - Dell - Dell Technologies - self service - support - customers - AI - artificial intelligence - Dell Technologies World - retail - healthcare
Example of a digital assistant helping an online shopper on a mobile phone application.

Broadly speaking, digital assistants are a category of advanced technology that simulate conversations with users utilizing artificial intelligence, natural language processing and machine learning to provide a personalized, conversational experience. Digital Assistants have many possible interfaces, including chat, voice-only, AI Avatars or a combination of these for a multimodal experience.

In an era where customer expectations are soaring and the end-user experience is paramount, many self-service interactions can be significantly elevated with a highly advanced, yet remarkably human-like interface that understands context and provides personalized solutions with empathy, emotional intelligence and non-verbal cues that are absent from other self-service interfaces.

The City of Amarillo is already embracing this technology to make community services more accessible for the city’s diverse citizens, who speak 62 languages and dialects.

Other example use cases include:

    • Customer service and technical support. Digital assistants can assist in answering product or service questions and provide basic troubleshooting support.
    • Employee training. Organizations can personalize training by using digital assistants to create interactive learning experiences, such as selling scenarios tailored to different audiences.

How Can GenAI Digital Assistants Help My Business?

Use cases for GenAI Digital Assistants go far beyond handling simple inquiries. They can proactively guide customers through complex processes, such as troubleshooting, completing forms and making purchases. With their contextual understanding and multimodal capabilities, these assistants streamline exchanges, reduce customer frustration compared to more traditional self-service options and increase overall satisfaction.

Furthermore, GenAI Digital Assistants can continuously learn and improve from each interaction, enabling them to better anticipate customer needs and offer personalized recommendations.

This level of tailored service fosters loyalty and drives long-term business growth, extending across a wide range of industry use cases such as:

digital assistant - Dell - Dell Technologies - self service - support - customers - AI - artificial intelligence - Dell Technologies World - retail - healthcare
Example of a digital assistant checking a patient in for a telehealth visit.
    • Retail. Digital assistants can be used in online shopping to provide personalized recommendations and assistance. Physical stores can also utilize them for use cases such as end-of-aisle displays in big-box stores, providing a consistent brand representative for customer interactions.
    • Healthcare. Digital assistants can help with patient check-in and discharge, provide support in patient rooms and act as an interface between the patient and care team.
    • Other industries. Digital assistants have applications in various industries, including financial services, travel, insurance, hospitality and telecommunications, among others.

With the power of generative AI, businesses can redefine the boundaries of self-service, providing seamless, intuitive and highly personalized interactions at scale.

Rapidly Deploy Digital Assistants with a Proven Solution

Dell is making it simple for our customers to get their own GenAI Digital Assistant up and running quickly with Dell Validated Design for Digital Assistants, a proven solution that includes infrastructure, platforms and professional services to ensure customer success.

We have validated each element needed for an optimized deployment, leveraging our recognized AI expertise to drive reliability, security and performance, along with trusted Dell hardware such as PowerEdge servers with NVIDIA GPUs and Precision Workstations at the Edge.

This solution allows organizations to swiftly establish and scale on-premises infrastructure tailored to their needs with pre-validated solutions that streamline adoption. This reduces the time spent on design, planning and testing while minimizing risk and accelerating time-to-market.

With the flexibility to start small and quickly scale using a modular approach, organizations can confidently implement a solution that meets business requirements and supports data sovereignty and compliance with high levels of control and regulatory assurance.

digital assistant - Dell - Dell Technologies - self service - support - customers - AI - artificial intelligence - Dell Technologies World - retail - healthcare - full stack solution

Bringing the complete solution together, Dell Professional Services for Digital Assistants provide strategic guidance for customer use cases, personalized AI Avatar development, platform implementation with data source integrations and ongoing support to drive continued success, upskilling and optimization.

Ready to Transform Your Self-Service Experiences?

Dell Generative AI Solutions for Digital Assistants elevate self-service interactions for customers and employees with a personalized, humanistic experience deployed on a proven framework and backed by our trusted AI expertise. Get started today with a GenAI Accelerator Workshop or strategy discussion to explore how digital assistants can benefit your unique use cases.

To learn more, check out our design guide, infographic and Professional Services overview.

About the Author: Bethan Williams

Bethan Williams has over 20 years of experience in the IT industry and 10 years within the Dell Technologies family. Beth started her IT career as a software developer and then moved into consulting and leadership roles in order to realize her passion for helping teams embrace new ideas and approaches. Beth is experienced in transforming teams to use innovative and lean techniques such as Agile, DevOps and IaC approaches, building and scaling highly skilled and cohesive teams, strategy development, enablement and leading application transformation projects at enterprise scale. Prior to Dell, Beth has been a key contributor and leader in professional service organisations across the Dell Technologies family, including SpringSource, VMware, Pivotal, EMC and now Dell. Beth is currently Dell’s Global Portfolio Lead for Applications and Data consulting.